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Where you can vote for anti-cuts, anti-war candidates on Thursday: updated list

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While speculation mounts on whether Rishi Sunak could be forced into a summer poll, Thursday’s local elections across England will give millions of people the opportunity to show what they think about all the establishment politicians, Sunak and Starmer alike.  If you believe that it is time to vote for something different, why not start on May 2nd?

An updated list of all the anti-cuts, anti-war candidates standing on Thursday that the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is aware of is available here (https://www.tusc.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2024/04/Final-List.pdf).  They include the candidates appearing on the ballot paper under the TUSC name but also, from page eight, others – standing as independents, or for parties not yet part of the TUSC umbrella – who have been recommended for support for their anti-austerity, anti-war stance. 

Together the 344 council candidates listed here surpass the number of council candidates being fielded by Reform on Thursday, officially occupying the position of the fifth-biggest party in the May elections.  There is an anti-cuts, anti-war option available in 321 wards in those councils with scheduled elections on Thursday, nearly one-in-six.

This impressive stand shows what could be done if all those who want to build a working class alternative to the establishment parties find the means, while respecting their differences, to work together to a common goal.  A lesson for the general election, whenever it is held. ■

Results reporting

Individual results will be published on social media as they come in; and a full report of the campaign, with the detailed results of every TUSC candidate, will be prepared for the next TUSC all-Britain steering committee meeting on Wednesday May 15th.

A draft version will be posted early next week and, after discussion at the steering committee, published on the Candidates Page as a public record – as has been TUSC practice every year since 2011.



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