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Friday 18 December 2020

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TUSC to hold local elections conference in February

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) national steering committee has agreed the agenda and timetable for a local elections conference to be held on Zoom on Sunday February 7th.

The conference has been convened under the heading, 'Fighting back against Starmer's new New Labour - including at the ballot box!', starting at 11am to conclude by 1-30pm.

Platform speakers from the constituent components of the TUSC steering committee, the RMT transport workers' union, the Socialist Party, the Resistance Movement and the Individual Members' representatives, will introduce the single plenary session.

The discussion will include the minimum core policies TUSC candidates will be committed to fight for in May's local council elections (see the TUSC website at http://www.tusc.org.uk/17426/22-11-2020/tusc-sets-out-core-policies-for-may-2021-local-elections).

Comments on the draft platform are welcome from the constituent organisations and local TUSC groups for circulation prior to the event - and also from individuals and organisations not yet participating in TUSC - and can be sent to the National Election Agent, Clive Heemskerk, at [email protected] to be received by Monday 1st February.

Electing the TUSC Individual Members' reps on the TUSC steering committee

TUSC is a coalition with a national steering committee with representatives from its constituent organisations alongside leading trade unionists, sitting in a personal capacity. Other individual members of TUSC who are not members of a constituent organisation also have places on the committee, elected by individual members at the TUSC conference.

If you want to stand as an Individual Members' representative on the TUSC steering committee please inform Clive Heemskerk at [email protected] by Monday 1st February. Candidates for the committee may submit a maximum 250-word statement, also by Monday 1st February, which will be published on the TUSC website before the conference.

The last 15 minutes of the conference, from 1-15pm, will be set aside for all those attending who are not otherwise members of one of the constituent organisations to make their choice for who will represent them on the steering committee for the following year.

Conference registration

There is no pre-registration for this conference. The Zoom details will be published on the Events page on the TUSC website nearer the time.