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Thursday 21 November 2013

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Housing 4 All campaigner Isabel Counihan-Sanchez standing for TUSC in Brent 2014 local elections

Housing 4 All campaigner Isabel Counihan-Sanchez and family, photo Brent TUSC

Housing 4 All campaigner Isabel Counihan-Sanchez and family, photo Brent TUSC   (Click to enlarge)

Brent mother of five Isabel Counihan Sanchez, who along with a dedicated group of supporters, has been fighting attempts to force her family out of Brent, has now decided to stand for election in next year's local elections as a Brent Trade Union and Socialist Coalition candidate.

Isabel and family were made homeless in April 2012 when their benefits were dramatically cut by Brent council and they were evicted from rented accommodation. Despite her husband Anthony working full-time as a bus driver the family were still reliant on these benefits to pay the staggering rent of £690.00 per week for their home in Kilburn. After being evicted they were placed in temporary accommodation in Ealing with an UN-affordable rent of £500.00 per week.

This put the family under tremendous pressures because the accommodation was totally unsuitable due to lack of space. Sarah, A.J, Orla & Aiden were faced with long treks to school as far as Kenton (Brent) and their youngest son, Vinny, who is Autistic was also put under tremendous pressure being completely disorientated by the changes. Added to this they were removed from their local network of family and friends.

After a long and determined campaign over 18 months the family finally achieved some success being placed in a suitable home back in Brent this year. Throughout the campaign Izzie has come into contact with other Brent residents at the sharp end of benefit changes and cuts.

This prompted Izzie to try to help them, eventually launching the "Housing 4 All" which many locals will know as the Counihan Sanchez family Housing campaign which calls for the council to adopt a "No evictions due to benefit cuts policy, more council housing at affordable rents and rent controls" among other measures to tackle the housing crisis they have witnessed.

All of this has led Izzie to the conclusion that she needs to stand against the current council and its ongoing implementation of government cuts. Like other TUSC supporters she does not accept the austerity of the Con- Dem government while huge wealth still exists at the tops of society.

Labour can't take your vote for granted, May 2015 is a long time away so let's start with the local elections next year and vote in people who are really for the people.

Brent TUSC believes local councillors should put up a fight against this government and not just passively pass through cuts to residents, cut benefits or increase rents. Izzie will be heading a group of Brent TUSC candidates who will stand in next year's local elections putting forward a clear "No Cuts" alternative. If anyone is interested in finding out more they should contact local TUSC co-ordinator John Boyle on 07986897629.