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Friday 23 August 2013

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Ex-Labour councillor selected to fight for TUSC in Fleetwood contest

Former Labour councillor Ray Smith has been selected as prospective candidate by the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) to fight the forthcoming town council by-election in the Rossall ward of Fleetwood, Lancashire on 26 September.

Despite the best efforts of some in the area (see below), Ray forced the election to be called after a sitting town councillor resigned.

GMB union member Ray is standing to oppose this Tory-Liberal government destroying our public services.

Fleetwood Hospital faces closure; so do another 20 hospitals around the country. Thousands of nurses and other NHS jobs are being lost because the government is privatising the whole NHS.

Ray says:

"Fat cat bankers and politicians made this mess, but we're paying! Since representing TUSC in May's county council elections, I helped set up Fleetwood Against the Cuts, which is supporting me at this election. I am campaigning to save Fleetwood Hospital, which is vital to Fleetwood, and against the hated bedroom tax!"

On Fleetwood council Ray will:

  • Lead a public campaign to keep Fleetwood Hospital open.
  • Demand accountability for public monies spent in our town.
  • Seek funds for services, using the council's legal powers.
  • Demand the county and borough councils defend all services.
  • Campaign against Halite Energy Group, fracking, closures and cuts.

Ray says:

"I will also be a voice for local democracy. Since Fleetwood Town Council was set up, councillors have been 'independent'.

"Political parties have hidden their real identity at election time. When councillors resigned, new ones were 'co-opted', without an election! I refused an offer of 'co-option', and called this election to end this anti-democratic disgrace.

"Unlike some others, I believe only the voters of Rossall ward have the right to choose who their town councillor is".

Ray used to be a Labour councillor. Ray joined TUSC because Labour has changed: it will not defend working people.

Labour runs Lancashire County Council with Liberal Democrat support since the May elections, when they promised to defend services. Since then, they have announced a devastating £300 million cuts!

Please ring Ray on 07407-465-179 to ask any questions or to help the campaign.