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Wednesday 26 June 2013

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Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition appeals for candidates to fight cuts in 2014 elections in Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest Guardian, Tuesday 25th June 2013

Waltham Forest Guardian 25/6/13

Waltham Forest Guardian 25/6/13

The Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is looking for candidates to contest the 2014 elections in every ward of Waltham Forest.

The anti-cuts group is opposing all main parties because of their support for slashing public spending, and it is looking for trade unionists, community campaigners and others willing to stand as TUSC representatives in each ward.

TUSC already has 30 representatives but needs 30 more to stand for all three seats going in each of the 20 wards.

Candidate Nancy Taaffe said: "We want to appeal to younger trade unionists who are fed up with the old way of doing things... "

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