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Date: April 2010

Defending the Right to Strike

TUSC Candidate Declares Anti-Strike Ruling ‘Undemocratic’ and Calls for Support for Rail Workers

Following yesterdays high court ruling to delay the pending rail workers strike on April 6th, TUSC Portsmouth North candidate Mick Tosh declared:

“This is simply undemocratic. The right to strike is every worker’s most basic right and it is a right which needs to be defended. The pending action by rail workers was not only about defending jobs but about defending public safety.”

"As rail user I would be more comforted about rail safety if Network Rail spent more time negotiating a settlement with the RMT which ensures the safety of our Railways with proper staffing levels, than the time spent with briefs in suits and sitting in judges' chambers pouring of minute details and loopholes of the anti trade union laws to stifle workers democracy"

“This undemocratic intervention is another clear example of the need to repeal the anti-trade union laws established by Thatcher. I am standing to repeal these draconian laws and give workers their rights back.”

Mick Tosh is a member of the Railway, Maritime Trade Union (RMT) and has been a member of the Union's executive committee.

In the last 6 months alone Mick has played a leading role in the Vestas campaign to save jobs on the Isle of Wight, played an active part in the No2EU-Yes-to-Democracy European election campaign and has played a key role in the formation of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, both locally and nationally.


Portsmouth TUSC http://tuscportsmouth.com/our-candidate-mick-tosh/

National TUSC website: www.tusc.org.uk