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Some initial observations on the TUSC election results

TUSC Independent Socialist Network, 8 May 2011

TUSC poster The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) stood 174 candidates in the local elections in England on 5 May 2011.

By Nick Wrack, TUSC steering committee member

It’s always important to have a sense of proportion. When dealing with election results, it’s vital. It’s easy to exaggerate election results; to put a favourable gloss on them in order to bolster the morale of your supporters. Elections are brutal. You can’t argue with the results. But how we interpret them must include looking at them in context.

Overall the results are a good initial foray into the local elections...

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RMT blasts “AV diversion” as reports show a further half million jobs under threat and families nearly £1000 worse off under ConDem cuts

RMT press release, 3 May 2011

RMT logo With more data out this morning showing that another half a million jobs are under threat, and that family budgets have been slashed by nearly a thousand pounds a year as a result of ConDem cuts, RMT General Secretary Bob Crow has accused the political class, led by Nick Clegg and David Cameron, of setting up this week’s AV referendum vote in a deliberate attempt to divert attention from harsh economic realities.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:

“With forecasters today showing that half a million more jobs are on the block, and yet more evidence that families will be up to a thousand pounds a year worse off under the ConDems, it is no surprise that Cameron and Clegg want to distract attention with their pathetic AV Punch and Judy show...”

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Fight the cuts with TUSC: more than just a 'protest vote'

From The Socialist newspaper, 6 April 2011

Half-million strong TUC demonstration. Picture: Paul Mattsson In 55 local authorities there will be the chance to support candidates who will refuse to implement the cuts

Over 180 candidates are standing on the 'no cuts' platform of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC), the election alliance set up last year with the backing of the RMT transport workers' union general secretary Bob Crow, leading national officials of the PCS civil servants' union, the vice-president of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), Nina Franklin, and the recently retired general secretary of the POA prison officers' union, Brian Caton.

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TUSC leader slams Osborne’s budget

Thursday 24th March 2011

The Socialist, paper of the Socialist Party TUSC national steering committee member and RMT general secretary Bob Crow said:

'This isn’t a budget - it’s a con-trick. The big issues of stagflation, mass unemployment and the attacks on standards of living and public services are ignored and instead we get a series of meaningless gimmicks while the austerity agenda rips through our communities

'While nurses are being sacked, lives torn apart and core services are hammered into the ground the smirk on the faces of George Osborne, David Cameron and Nick Clegg grows wider by the minute.

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Lincoln Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition election launch meeting

Tuesday 29th March

St Mary-le-Wigford Church,
St Marys Street,

7pm - 9pm

For more info, ring Nick on 07793 682201

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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) conference - 'We need hundreds of challenges to job-cutting, services-axing councillors'

The Socialist, 26 January 2011

The Socialist, paper of the Socialist Party The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) conference on 22 January was attended by 150 people and aimed to, according to chair Dave Nellist, 'lay the basis for hundreds of challenges in the council elections this year'.

Dave, a Coventry Socialist Party councillor and former MP, spoke of the need to increase the profile of the TUSC election challenge, including by promoting the campaign at the TUC national anti-cuts demonstration on 26 March.

The first speaker, Independent Socialist Preston councillor and Socialist Workers Party member Michael Lavalette, said that Preston city council and Lancashire county council cuts add up to £180 million, with attacks on children's services and pensioner services affecting the most vulnerable.

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May council elections

Socialist Worker, 25 January 2011

Socialist Worker The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) met last Saturday to discuss May’s council elections.

Independent socialist councillor and SWP member Michael Lavalette and councillor Dave Nellist from the Socialist Party addressed the meeting.

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RMT boss Bob Crow attacks 'partying' bankers

BBC, 8 January 2011

Bob Crow, Transport Union RMT general secretary and leader of TUSC Business Secretary Vince Cable is 'standing idly by' as bankers are set to be paid billions in bonuses, a union leader has said.

The RMT's Bob Crow said bankers were still 'partying like it\'s 1999' despite government calls to curb bonuses.

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Preston councillor: "Defy government's cuts"

Socialist Worker, 1 December 2010

Preston independent socialist councillor Michael Lavalette is calling for the council to defy the government and not implement the cuts.

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The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition launches its campaign for the 2011 local elections

The Socialist, 17 November 2010

We need councillors who will fight the cuts!

"These cuts will hurt", warned the Tory chair of the Local Government Association, Lady Eaton. "Up to 100,000 jobs in local authorities will go. That's one in ten of the workforce". Clive Heemskerk writes.

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TUSC broadsheet: No cuts! Defend jobs and services

19 November 2010

* The TUSC challenge in May’s elections
* The core policy positions of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

THE ‘worst in a generation’ cuts introduced by the Con-Dem government have at least clarified one thing for millions of people across Britain - the Liberal Democrats are no alternative to the establishment party consensus!

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Stand up to the Con-Dem government

November 2010

For councillors who refuse to implement the cuts!

The TUSC steering committee has agreed the policy platform, outlined below, on which it is proposing to contest the elections to local councils that will take place next May in every area of England bar London.

TUSC is also involved in discussions to organise an election challenge for the Scottish parliament and Welsh assembly elections (there are no local elections in Scotland and Wales in 2011)...

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TUSC’s first steps

Socialism Today, June 2010

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition contested the general election for the first time. Its participants realised, when it was formed in January this year, that TUSC’s vote would be squeezed in the context of a polarised general election.

The ‘Americanisation’ of British politics, with the capitalist New Labour party no longer seen by workers as ‘our party’, has created a deep sense of powerlessness amongst millions of working class voters. CLIVE HEEMSKERK reports.

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General election results 2010: TUSC stands for socialism and prepares for the battles ahead

Socialist Party, 11 May 2010

May 2010 will probably be remembered by history not for the British general election, but as the start of a heroic mass struggle of the Greek working class.

This is a fight to defend their living conditions against the savage onslaught of capitalism. Faced with generalised cuts in living standards of 20-30%, the Greek working class showed their defiance with a gigantic general strike and the biggest demonstrations since the overthrow of the military dictatorship in 1974.

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The left in the election: good campaigns but TUSC vote squeezed

Socialist Workers Party, 11 May 2010

Supporters of the left wing Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) ran some excellent election campaigns, but the results were generally disappointing.

One of the best results was the 1,057 votes for Jenny Sutton in Tottenham, north London. She came fourth after the three main parties with 2.6 percent of the vote and beat the Green candidate...

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Election results for TUSC in the 2010 general election

7 May 2010

Well done to everyone for an excellent campaign. Here are the results. A fuller analysis will be posted later.

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Video: The Politics Show Scotland on the Scottish Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition

BBC Politics Show Scotland, Sunday 2 May 2010

Watch Tommy Sheridan on the BBC Politics Show Scotland for the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition.

The BBC devotes just four minutes to "four parties that are fielding ten or more candidates across the country" starting with the Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (1 minute). Skip directly to 1 hour and 18 minutes on the BBC iplayer to find the introduction to this segment of the show, by clicking the purple and grey progress bar at the bottom of the BBC iplayer.

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Video: Brighton Kemptown constituency election communication from Dave Hill, TUSC candidate

Friday 30 April 2010

Dave Hill, Brighton Kemptown Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition candidate and former Labour Group leader, East Sussex council and Labour PPC, explains why he is standing for TUSC in the general election.

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Watch other candidate videos on the TUSC website...

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in Wales campaign against university cuts

Wales Online, Tuesday, 27 April 2010

THE left-wing Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) warned of rising tuition fees and staff cuts as it campaigned outside the University of Glamorgan’s Cardiff base yesterday.

A small group of protesters said the university’s budget had been “slashed” and claimed courses were under threat. But the claims were denied by a spokeswoman...

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Audio: Paul Crofts - Independent under the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

BBC Northampton, Sunday, 25 April 2010

Listen to Paul Crofts - Independent under the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition minute manifesto for the Wellingborough area.

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Balloon release in Kemptown focuses on UK deficit

BBC, Saturday, 24 April 2010

The government deficit, public service cuts and unemployment have been the focus of an election event in the Brighton Kemptown constituency.

Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate Dave Hill released 168 balloons, each one representing £1bn...

He said ordinary working class people should not be paying for the deficit.

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Video: Dave Nellist on the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition

BBC Daily Politics, Tuesday 22 April 2010

Watch Dave Nellist on the BBC Daily Politics show on Tuesday, for the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition.

To see the introduction to the segment or the whole programme, go to Election Special 22/04/2010 (opens in new window). Note that the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition item begins at 50.33 - you can go directly to that time by clicking the purple and grey progress bar at the bottom of the BBC iplayer

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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition launches manifesto

Sky TV Scotland, Tuesday 20 April 2010

TUSC is contesting 10 seats in Scotland in the forthcoming election.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) launched its manifesto today in Dundee and immediately called for an end to privatisation and cuts in the public sector.

Speaking at the launch, transport union RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: “What is needed is an electoral alternative to the parties of big business. Every one of the main parties supports privatisation, a continuation of anti trade union laws and our involvement in illegal wars.”

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BBC report: Union coalition details election policies

BBC website, Tuesday 20 April 2010

A coalition party of left-wingers have launched their manifesto for the 6 May general election.

Picture right: "Bob Crow says union members have been disenfranchised by New Labour."

Former Solidarity MSP Tommy Sheridan is a candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

The group is contesting 42 seats across the UK, and 10 in Scotland with Mr Sheridan standing in the Glasgow South West seat.

The launch, which was spearheaded by union chief Bob Crow, was held at the Scottish TUC conference in Dundee...

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TUSC Manifesto

Tuesday 20 April 2010

The working class and peoples of Britain face a ruling class offensive which will intensify over the coming period.

It is an offensive against public services, incomes, living standards and trade union rights in order to boost monopoly profit. Not content with the banks receiving the biggest bail-out in the history of British capitalism, big business aims to make workers and their families pay to serve the interests, first and foremost, of the City of London’s financial institutions...


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Wednesday 14th April 2010 - updated 16/4/10

Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Manifesto launch

Tuesday 20th April

At The Scottish Trade Union Congress


The Balgay Room

Number 10

Constitution Road



Bob Crow

(RMT General Secretary and TUSC steering group member)

Tommy Sheridan

(Solidarity Co-Convenor and STUSC Candidate for Glasgow South West)

Dave Nellist

(Socialist Party Councillor and TUSC Steering Committee)

Jim Malone

(FBU Regional organiser and STUSC Steering Committee)

Plus other STUSC candidates and trade unionist supporters

Read more of this national press release...

High court RMT strike ruling an attack on democracy

Sunday 4th April 2010

Anti-trade union laws: “repeal and give workers their rights back”

Militant union leaders, including Bob Crow, building general election challenge to ‘big business’ parties & their anti-union laws as the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

For the second time the anti-trade union laws brought in by Thatcher and Major and maintained on the statute book by Blair and Brown have been used to quash the democratic rights of tens of thousands of working people. First at British Airways and now at Network Rail...

Read more of this national press release...

Defending the Right to Strike

Sunday 4th April 2010

TUSC Candidate Declares Anti-Strike Ruling ‘Undemocratic’ and Calls for Support for Rail Workers

Following yesterdays high court ruling to delay the pending rail workers strike on April 6th, TUSC Portsmouth North candidate Mick Tosh declared:

“This is simply undemocratic. The right to strike is every worker’s most basic right and it is a right which needs to be defended. The pending action by rail workers was not only about defending jobs but about defending public safety.”

"As rail user I would be more comforted about rail safety if Network Rail spent more time negotiating a settlement with the RMT which ensures the safety of our Railways with proper staffing levels, than the time spent with briefs in suits and sitting in judges' chambers pouring of minute details and loopholes of the anti trade union laws to stifle workers democracy..."

“This undemocratic intervention is another clear example of the need to repeal the anti-trade union laws established by Thatcher. I am standing to repeal these draconian laws and give workers their rights back.”

Press release

The Scotsman - "Tommy Sheridan plots an orange revolution"

Thursday 1st April 2010

TOMMY Sheridan yesterday outlined his latest utopian vision of a state-owned Scotland as he launched another attempt to re-enter mainstream politics.

The former Scottish Socialist MSP also said he would stand at the General Election to defend the rights of striking workers who have brought disruption across the country, and would campaign against cuts in the public sector.

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Daily Record - "Tommy Sheridan and Tony Blair hit the campaign trail as build-up to general election begins"

Thursday 1st April 2010

ANOTHER bright orange politician hit the election campaign trail yesterday. But unlike sun-tanned Tony Blair, who drew the world's media to a speech supporting Labour in north east England, socialist firebrand Tommy Sheridan launched his quest for power in a near-empty upstairs room in a Glasgow pub.

Sheridan is standing in Glasgow South West on the new Trade Union and Socialist Coalition ticket made up of far-left parties and union chiefs, including Bob Crow, whose RMT plan to bring railways to a standstill over the Easter holiday.

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The Times (London) - "Sheridan coalition backs independence"

Thursday 1st April 2010

A new coalition including the former MSP Tommy Sheridan will call for a vote on Scottish independence during the general election campaign, it was announced yesterday.

The Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (STUSC), which was launched today on the 20th anniversary of the London poll tax demonstrations, is contesting 10 seats. Mr Sheridan, left, leader of the Solidarity Party, will stand in Glasgow South West, held by Labour’s Ian Davidson.

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Video: Protest over proposed cuts at Ascham Homes

Thursday 25th March 2010

Nancy Taaffe, Walthamstow general election candidate for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) and the local Unison campaigns officer, stopped councillors on their way into the meeting to ask their opinion on the threatened cuts at Ascham Homes.

Ascham Homes workers marched to the town hall of the London Borough of Waltham Forest to protest over proposed cuts in jobs and services at Ascham Homes, which manages the council' housing stock.

Watch the Youtube video

Tottenham Today: "Learners and college staff protest at cuts, taking a step closer to striking"

Wednesday 24th March 2010

STAFF at colleges in Haringey are being balloted for strike action after education chiefs failed to rule out redundancies in the face of swingeing government cuts. Local union representatives have decided to take action in response to far-reaching cuts in higher education recently announced by the government.

Jenny Sutton, the TUSC candidate for Tottenham and branch secretary for the University And College Union at the College Of Haringey, Enfield And North East London, the Tottenham Advertiser reports, is so incensed by the cutbacks that she has launched a political campaign to unseat higher education minister David Lammy on his home turf of Tottenham in the forthcoming general election.

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TUSC Press release: Wellingborough Socialist to stand in general election

Saturday 27th March 2010

The local group Independent Socialists in Wellingborough, supported by the national Trade Union and Socialists Coalition, has decided to stand a candidate in the General Election in the Wellingborough and Rushden Constituency.

Well-know Wellingborough Councillor and campaigner, Paul Crofts, has agreed to stand as a socialist candidate.

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Audio: Radio Four Today programme covers TUSC launch

Friday 26th March 2010

Launch of the Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition, which will contend the general election with more than 42 candidates in major cities of the UK, was covered by Newsnight and the Today programme on Radio Four.

Featured on the Today programme are Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary; Chris Bough, the civil servants' union (PCS) assistant general secretary; Brian Caton, the Prison Officers' Association (POA) general secretary; Dave Nellist, ex-Labour Party MP, Socialist Party councillor and TUSC candidate in Coventry; and Karen Reisman, victimised Nurse and TUSC candidate in Manchester.

Click here to listen to the Radio four coverage

TUSC Press release: Byers, Hewitt & Hoon inevitable outcome of the New Labour project

Tuesday 23th March 2010

Big businesses interests have silenced any voice for working people at Westminster

Militant union leaders to challenge ‘big business’ parties in general election as the Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC)

Sick of the corruption and sleaze at Westminster, trade unionists, breaking with the trade union movement’s traditional support for the Labour Party, are organising a new political challenge in the upcoming general election... "

Read more of this TUSC press release...

TUSC Press release: Militant union leaders to launch general election challenge

Monday 22th March 2010

BA dispute leaves no doubt - New Labour is dead as vehicle for working class politics

Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC) to challenge ‘big business’ parties in general election

Thursday evening will see the launch rally of the newly christened Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition (TUSC). Leading trade unionists will explain that the Labour Party is dead as a means of advancing the interests of workers and trade unionists and that a political alternative is needed... "

Read more of this TUSC press release...


Wednesday 17th March 2010

A Tory Vote Could Cost You Your Life!

Carlisle Socialist candidate John Metcalfe has today branded Tory plans to seriously dilute health and safety in the workplace as a ‘cowboy’s charter’ and ‘Life threatening’. Speaking today following the publication of Tory policy paper "Regulation in the post bureaucratic age", he said:

"This isn’t an issue about health and safety laws being unreasonable, it’s about protecting people from getting maimed and killed whilst at work... "

Read more of this TUSC press release...

WALTHAMSTOW: Election candidate confirmed

Tuesday 2nd March 2010

SOCIALIST Nancy Taaffe will be standing as a parliamentary candidate for Walthamstow in the general election. She will stand for the newly-formed Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, which is backed by several leading trade unionists including Rail, Maritime and Transport union leader Bob Crow.

Read more from the Waltham Forest Guardian...

New front in war of the roses

Tuesday 23 February 2010

John Metcalfe sounds like the archetypal bedrock Labour Party supporter - a train driver, member of Aslef, supporter of his local football team, a Carlisle family man with a son serving in the British army in Afghanistan ...

Read more from the Morning Star...

Salford selects anti Hazel candidate

Friday 5th February 2010

Salford youth council champ to stand against Hazel: At a public meeting of the Hazel Must Go! campaign last night, David Henry, co-chair of Salford Youth Council, was selected to fight against Hazel Blears in the forthcoming General Election ...

Read more from the Salford Star ...

TUSC left coalition to stand in general election

Tuesday 2 February 2010

Two Labour ministers have now let slip that the general election is going to be on Thursday 6 May. In just three months time the country will go to the polls—and the question facing every socialist and activist will be which party to vote for...

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Trade union candidate can enliven election

Thursday 28 January 2010

Twenty years ago it would have been unthinkable for a major trade union to promote a candidate in the hope of unseating an incumbent Labour MP, but today it is not so surprising...

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Launch of Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Tuesday 12 January 2010

LAST WEEK saw the culmination of a series of discussions by participants in the 'No2EU-Yes to Democracy' European election coalition to see whether another alliance could be constructed for the forthcoming general election.

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