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30 April 2013

Over 200 come to TUSC showing of 'Spirit of 45'

AROUND 220 people attended the Hackney and Islington TUSC screening of Ken Loach's film about the founding of the NHS, The Spirit of 45.  The film brilliantly shows the mood and expectations of the period.  Workers were no longer prepared to tolerate the mass unemployment of the thirties and the overcrowded slum housing in the towns and cities.  Labour was elected on a landslide vote.  Reflecting the semi-revolutionary attitude of many workers, Labour nationalised some key industries: transport, mines, gas, electricity, water.  They were in a state of collapse and capitalism even welcomed the take-over to prop up the ailing system.

After the film was shown, 70 people stayed for the Question and Answer session chaired by TUSC member and independent socialist, Bev Woodburn.  In the debate some people still showed a touching faith in the Labour Party.  But the importance of developing a political alternative to fight all public sector cuts was explained. Thirty signed up for more details and involvement with TUSC.