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TUSC supports London teachers’ and lecturers’ strike


“With TUSC there’ll be no running away from supporting strikers” Alex Gordon announced at the TUSC London launch rally.


TUSC on 28 March 2012 NUT / UCU London demonstration TUSC candidates and supporters showed what this means on the March 28 London teachers’ and lecturers’ strike. Strikers included TUSC candidate Martin Powell-Davies, who represents Inner London on the National Union of Teachers executive, and Jenny Sutton, who has recently been elected to the executive of the University and College Lecturers Union.


TUSC on 28 March 2012 NUT / UCU London demonstration They were joined on the 10,000 strong demo by other TUSC candidates Nancy Taaffe, April Ashley and Lesley Woodburn (pictured above). Thousands of TUSC postcards were given out and the TUSC banner was accompanied on the march with a sound system which allowed candidates and TUSC supporters to speak to the crowds of angry strikers. The idea of trade unionists standing in the London elections went down a storm.