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Tube strike 'A fight for equality that all Londoners have a stake in supporting' - Alex Gordon, RMT president

Alex GordonAlex Gordon said:

"The 3-day strike starting today by RMT members working for Tubelines, the PFI consortium that went bust and was bailed out by Transport for London, is a fight for equality that all Londoners have a stake in supporting.

"RMT's call for equal access for Tubelines employees to join TfL's pension scheme is just and affordable, but Tubelines bosses are resisting it simply because Boris Johnson wants to reprivatise the company responsible for engineering maintenance of the Jubilee, Piccadilly and Northern lines and for Emergency response across the entire Tube network.

"TUSC candidates are standing for election to the GLA next week on a manifesto of affordable, publically-owned public transport for Londoners. TUSC will oppose any attempt to flog off the safety and emergency services of London's Tube. TUSC candidates support RMT members and all trade unionists fighting for workplace and pension justice."