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Britain’s top Q.C. backs new party in London elections

Britain’s leading civil rights lawyer Michael Mansfield Q.C. (1) is backing left-wing barrister Nick Wrack and other candidates standing for election to the London Assembly. Wrack (2) is a candidate for the newly formed Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, which will be contesting the London elections on 3 May.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is standing in the London-wide member section of the London elections, which is based on a form of proportional representation. (3) If it obtains over 5 per cent of the vote across London it will see lead candidate Alex Gordon, president of the RMT rail union, elected. If TUSC gets 10 per cent then Wrack, who is second on the TUSC list, should be elected as well.

Mike Mansfield QC said:

"Nick and the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition represent the basic popular anger and opposition towards the avarice and arrogance of an unregulated private sector that still believes it is entitled to enrich itself at the expense of the public good, and which is primarily responsible for the economic and moral bankruptcy faced by all”

“As always the most vulnerable are the ones who pay the most in human cost whether it be through NHS privatisation; the decimation of legal aid, or the cuts to welfare.”

“The usual raft of mainstream politicians have proved themselves to be unimaginative lackeys to an outmoded and corrupt system of unresponsive government.”

“The final meltdown has merely been deferred and it is imperative for there to be a viable and vibrant people’s alternative ready to take the reins and retake the steps of St Paul’s!”


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(1) Michael Mansfield Q.C. is perhaps best known for representing the Stephen Lawrence family. He also represented families of victims at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry. He has acted in many of Britain’s miscarriage of justice cases such as the Birmingham Six and the Bridgewater Four. He set up Tooks barristers’ Chambers (2) on 1 May 1984 at the height of the Miners' Strike. http://www.tooks.co.uk/people/michael_mansfield/michael_mansfield_cv.pdf

(2) Wrack works as a barrister at Tooks Chambers, specialising in criminal defence and civil liberties. He has recently been defending student protestors facing serious charges of violent disorder arising out of the anti-fees demonstrations in 2010. He describes himself on the Tooks website as a “lifelong socialist activist”. http://www.tooks.co.uk/people/nick_wrack/

(3) The full list of TUSC candidates is here: http://www.tusc.org.uk/notice200212.php

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