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Monday 23rd April

Protest outside The Royal Free Hospital

Around 10 Trade Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) activists, including health workers will be assembling outside the Royal Free Hospital in Camden protesting against plans to privatise NHS services, extend charging for and cuts to services [1].

The activists will be promoting awareness of the
TUSC election campaign, aiming to elect a GP, a train driver, a teacher and trade unionists as representatives to the London assembly. They will be drawing attention to the fact that although some of the main parties have raised concerns regarding these threats to the NHS, including local councillors and London assembly members TUSC is unique in its resolute opposition to privatisation, extension of NHS charging and cuts in services.

TUSC Candidate and Camden resident Alex Gordon who is a train driver and president of the RMT said:

“The majority of people in Camden and around the country do not support privatisation. They want an NHS in public ownership, free at the point of access and available to all. As the real implications of the Health and Social Care Act have become known, the public and NHS staff have made their opposition to these changes clear.”

He added:

“In the upcoming election, there is only one choice for Londoners who wish to elect a voice that will fight to save the NHS. That is voting

The protestors, mobilised in support of
TUSC, are also demonstrating against the recent controversial Health and Social Care Act [2]. Dr Jackie Turner, said:

“The purpose of this legislation is to increase privatisation, extend charging and facilitate cost cutting in the NHS by abolishing the Government’s duty to provide services. The recent events at Camden Road Surgery show where privatisation leads... this surgery is now closed and thousands of patients have been caused massive distress. Most doctor’s, like myself are against these changes and we will not stand and watch while the NHS is destroyed”

A photo opportunity for journalists, with fake NHS credit cards will take place at 1pm outside the Royal Free Hospital on Monday April 23rd.

For further information contact Eamann Devlin on tel: 07737898161
To speak to the candidates phone Dr Jackie Turner on 07821832606
Or Alex Gordon on 07714 105036

[1] The protest will gather at 12.30 – 2pm on Monday 23rd April outside the Royal Free Hospital, Pond Street, South End Green, Hampstead, London.
[2] For more information about the campaign see www.dutytoprovide.net