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Prominent construction activist Mick Dooley stands for Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition the London elections

Construction worker activist Mick Dooley has been confirmed as a candidate on the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (1) list in the London-wide Assembly Members list section (2) of the election for the Greater London Assembly on 3 May.

Construction worker activist Mick Dooley Mick played a prominent role in the recent victorious electriciansí dispute, which saw six months of determined action by electricians all over the country against the efforts of big companies such as Balfour Beatty to impose up to 35 per cent pay cuts.

In his appeal to the voters of London Mick said :

"We are the serious alternative voice for the people of London . We are not controlled by establishment politicians, we are trade unionists who know what the real world is because, like you, we work in it, we live in your streets and our kids go to your schools. Our presence in City Hall will ensure that mainstream politicians will not lead us by the nose to suit their own agendas, that's why I am standing, it is our city not theirs."

Mick has been a well-known campaigner for decent pay and conditions for construction workers for years and has been blacklisted by employers in the industry.

In March 2012, an Employment Tribunal found against the right wing leadership of construction union UCATT for the unjustifiable treatment of Mick Dooley by disbarring him from being a candidate for unionís General Secretary election held in November last year. This followed an exposť of financial malpractice in the union and an illegal election. In February 2012 UCATT expelled Dooley from the builders union.


For more information call: Will McMahon 07968 950223

Notes to editors:

(1) The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition stands in opposition to public spending cuts and privatisation, calls for investment in public services, public ownership and control of the major utilities and the repeal of the anti-trade union laws. For more information see: http://www.tusc.org.uk/ . In London TUSC is standing only in the London-wide list section for the London Assembly Elections. It is not contesting for mayor or in the constituency section. See: http://www.tusc.org.uk/london_tusc.php

(2) Mick Dooley joins an impressive list of leading trade unionists and campaigners in London. See:http://www.tusc.org.uk/candidates.php

(3) The Public rally to launch London TUSC campaign event will take place on Wednesday 21 March 7.15pm at the Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, 235 Shaftesbury Avenue London WC2H 8EP. The main speakers will be Bob Crow, general secretary rail union RMT; Matt Wrack, general secretary FBU; Alex Gordon, president RMT & TUSC candidate; Ian Leahair, FBU national executive & TUSC candidate; April Ashley, Unison national executive & TUSC candidate in a personal capacity; Jackie Turner, doctor and health campaigner & TUSC candidate; Chaired by TUSC candidate Nick Wrack