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Successful Uxbridge TUSC meeting hears Bob Crow

Bob CrowNearly 70 local Uxbridge people braved the rain to hear Bob Crow argue the case for TUSC on 18th April.

The brilliant meeting was co-hosted by Hillingdon Against Cuts community campaigners, and was full of local workers and union reps from council unions Unison, Unite and GMB, teachers union NUT, RMT, and postal workers union CWU. They were joined by Brunel students and local school students – one of whom, eleven year old Alex, addressed the meeting about why he thinks socialism is necessary.

Bob Crow opened the meeting by saying he was supporting TUSC on behalf of his union, not just in London but Britain as a whole.

“Tories, Labour, LibDems – they all support privatisation, the anti-trade union laws, illegal wars and cuts. Who is putting the case for working class women and men?”

Other speakers included Stuart from the local Unison branch (in a personal capacity) and former Labour councillor and Socialist Party member Wally Kennedy.

TUSC candidate Mick Dooley rounded off the meeting by explaining the significance of getting an assembly member elected:

“It’s not a wasted vote. One TUSC representative inside the Assembly would be your eyes and years in the chamber. They would not just be an individual, a lone voice, they have got the apparatus of the trade union movement behind them, with figures like Bob Crow and thousands of members.”