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18 April 2013

Week Three in Doncaster’s Mary4Mayor campaign

Week Three in Doncaster’s Mary4Mayor campaign


Monday 8 April

Doncaster has 225,000 voters concentrated in the town and several outlying ex-mining villages. On ‘the day Thatcher died’ we’re in Thorne – everybody knows Mary Jackson, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidate for mayor of Doncaster.  She’s lived here for 40 years.  The campaign stall is like a poster distribution centre.  Message from a supporter Shaun, “done six hours leafleting in Moorends, need more leaflets”. And box of 4,000 dropped off with young Rob, working nights, gonna do a couple of hours flyering each morning after work.

Later, having a celebratory drink, Jim Board, Doncaster Unison branch secretary, says he wants 3,000 leaflets to distribute via left wing stewards to council workers.  Problem.  We’re running out of our 15,000 leaflets.  Good problem.

Tuesday 9 April

The day after, in Mexborough, ex-pit village – lots of Thatcher reaction, people happy, have a spring in their step.  Jackie, Paddy and Nigel, all met on stall last week, come to collect anti- Bedroom Tax meeting and Mary for Mayor leaflets.

Wednesday 10 April

Conisbrough, where Steve lives.  Bedroom Tax meeting arranged.  Loran from ‘Eagle and Child’ pub wants leaflets when done.  Another lady has appealed the decision, has applied for Discretionary Housing Payment, but still isn’t paying – “we need another poll-tax”.

Mary at the Chamber of Commerce evening debate, meets the other candidates: two businessmen, a business consultant, Labour candidate Ross “did I mention I’m a chartered accountant” Jones (only 100 times!) and a National Front fascist: “Why do we want an airport, we don’t want anyone to come in to Doncaster?” and “Why have we got so many vulnerable adults, we didn’t used to have so many? I’ll tell you why, it’s because they are inoculating our babies with monkey genes”!!  So scary, you couldn’t make it up.

Thursday 11 April

Bentley – first time there.  John and Alan already visited supporters with posters, stall well worthwhile. Walking back to car see poster up in house window, always good to see.  Drive past Ed Miliband’s office – closed as usual. Mary drops 20 posters off for Armthorpe.  Receive ‘text to join’ from Bentley post code but mobile number not recognised, so check register to get address.  John will visit.

Friday 12 April

Donny town centre – chance encounter with a French TV crew who interview Mary about Thatcher’s legacy.  After stall, joined by anti-cuts campaigners Louise and Lois for an el-fresco planning meeting, they want to leaflet Hyde Park estate.

Saturday 13 April

We join the ‘No state funeral for Thatcher’ protest, a couple tell me they have a Thatcher picture under their doormat so they trample on her every day.

Sunday 14 April

Teams out in Mexborough and Bentley (still can’t track that ‘text to join’ contact down!).  Mary texts – “Woman from Bentley phoned, her neighbour had brought her our leaflets, she said if I could talk to everyone individually I would definitely get in”.  Been a buzz about this week…


See Mary’s election address for the booklet to go to every Doncaster household, at Mayor booklet entry


Mary for Mayor

Doncaster TUSC pre-election rally

Monday 29th April


Trades Club, Frenchgate Centre


Speakers include Dave Nellist, a former Labour MP (1983-92) who only took a workers’ wage, now backing TUSC.


Donate to the campaign

JUST TO appear on the ballot paper in a Mayoral election and get two pages in the electors booklet, has cost TUSC £1,250.  And we need more leaflets!  Can you make a donation to help the Doncaster campaign? 

There’s a PayPal facility on the TUSC website (at http://www.tusc.org.uk/donate.php) or you can send cheques, made payable to the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, to TUSC, 17 Colebert House, Colebert Avenue, London, E1 4JP.  Let’s make sure TUSC isn’t held back from making the biggest possible impact in Ed Miliband’s backyard!