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FBU’s Matt Wrack gives £2,000 to TUSC

Matt Wrack, general secretary of the FBU firefighters' union, has donated £2,000 to theTrade Unionist and Socialist Coalition to help its election campaign.

Matt Wrack, general secretary of the 
firefighters' union The donation comes out of Matt's personal campaign fund. As Matt has explained in his blog, he set up the fund in 2005, following his election as general secretary, to fulfil a pledge to his members to bring his salary more in line with the members he represents. He pays about 30 per cent of his salary, £1,000 per month, into the fund and makes donations out of it. He has set out on his blog where his donations have gone.

Two London members of the FBU, Ian Leahair and Sian Griffiths, are standing as TUSC candidates in the London elections on 3 May. They are part of the TUSC list which is contesting the London-wide member seats for the London Assembly. The donation will be a tremendous help to their campaign.

Matt will be speaking at the TUSC London election rally on 21 March.

Matt said, "I am delighted to be able to support two members of the Fire Brigades Union who are standing for election to the London Assembly as part of the TUSC list. As a union we are facing huge cuts to our service. We are also seeing creeping privatisation of the London Fire Brigade – a policy which has already been a disaster. I know Ian Leahair and Sian Griffiths will fight to defend good quality public services for the people of London".

TUSC needs to win 5 per cent of the vote across London for its lead candidate Alex Gordon, president of the RMT rail union, to be elected to the London Assembly.

TUSC is not standing in the the Mayoral or constituency sections of the London elections.