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Two separate mentions for TUSC’s Election Campaign in Rugby

Following a Rugby TUSC Media Release, the local Rugby Advertiser published a short article today listing all the candidates in Rugby this May, including the 8 of us standing as Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts (TUSC). Most of the rest of the Media Release then appeared as a letter from Pete McLaren, Rugby TUSC, with the Paper’s own headline, as follows:

Hooray for lack of BNP

“From our point of view in TUSC, we are delighted there will be no BNP candidates standing to cause division within communities. We are a little surprised the Lib Dems are only contesting half the seats, and Labour two thirds, indicating local organisational weaknesses and/or lack of membership. TUSC has only been in existence for just thirteen months, yet we are not only standing in half the wards, but also we will be pursuing an active campaign leafleting every household at least once to put across the anti cuts message, and talking to as many voters as possible

As it is now, TUSC is the only Party which can say it will oppose all cuts at all levels, and has the programme to show how that will happen. Our leaflets outline the details, with nothing hidden”

Pete McLaren, Rugby TUSC