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18 April 2013

Lincoln TUSC organise bedroom tax council protest

Lincoln TUSC bedroom tax council protest

THE LINCOLN Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is holding a lobby of Lincoln city council's full council meeting on Tuesday 16th April to try to persuade councillors not to evict tenants who are penalised by the Con-Dem government’s new ‘bedroom tax’.

This follows a protest organised by TUSC on Lincoln High Street on Saturday 30th March to coincide with a national day of action against the introduction of the bedroom tax by the government.

The protest saw around 30 protesters gather at Speakers Corner. Those involved had brought homemade placards and even a mattress with ‘Fight the Bedroom Tax’ written on it.  TUSC activists appealed to passers-by to sign a petition opposing the bedroom tax.

The petition, which will be presented to the council meeting on Tuesday, calls on the city council to publicly refuse to evict all tenants who have fallen into arrears as a result of the bedroom tax, and for the city council to lobby social landlords to adopt a similar stance. There are over 1,000 people in Lincoln who will be affected by the bedroom tax, resulting in cuts of between 14% and 25% of their housing benefit.

Nick Parker, the TUSC candidate in Lincoln East in the forthcoming county council elections, said: "The Con-Dem Government has brought in the bedroom tax and cut other benefits at the same time as handing money out to millionaires in tax cuts. TUSC calls for it to be scrapped. But it's one thing to bring it in. It's another thing to actually implement it.

"The Labour Party says it's against the bedroom tax. TUSC is giving the Labour-controlled Lincoln city council the opportunity to show that they're really against it by refusing to evict people who are punished by it. Labour can put their money where their mouths are and stick up for all these people that are being hit."

Lincoln TUSC will be lobbying the full Lincoln City Council meeting on Tuesday 16th April from 6pm at the Guildhall. There will be questions from TUSC activists to the city council about what it will do to protect people from the bedroom tax.