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TUSC announces candidates for Bristol and Manchester – and will fight in Croydon too

THE TRADE Unionist and Socialist Coalition has announced its candidates for the Mayor of Bristol election and the Manchester Central parliamentary by-election that will take place on November 15.

Manchester Central will be contested by Alex Davidson, the vice-chair of the PCS civil servants union North West Region and a former member (2011-12) of the PCS Public Sector Group Executive Committee.   TUSC’s candidate for the Mayor of Bristol is Unite member Tom Baldwin, a previous TUSC candidate in local and general elections, who is set to be the youngest candidate in the field.

The TUSC national steering committee, meeting on October 3, also agreed to seek nominations to be a TUSC candidate in the Croydon North by-election, caused by the death of the sitting MP.  The date for this election has yet to be formally decided but, assuming that it too will be November 15, applications to be a TUSC candidate in Croydon need to be submitted quickly.  Application forms are available on the TUSC website at http://www.tusc.org.uk/candidates.php 


Funds needed to fight the campaigns!

JUST TO appear on the ballot paper in the Manchester and Bristol elections will cost TUSC £1,000, a further £750 for two pages in the manifestos booklet that will be distributed to every household in Bristol for the mayoral contest, and a similar amount to print the freepost leaflet for Manchester.  So that’s £2,500 for even the most minimal campaign – and these are times that need more than a minimal socialist election challenge.

Can you make a donation to help the Bristol and Manchester campaigns?  There’s a PayPal facility on the TUSC website (at http://www.tusc.org.uk/donate.php) or you can send cheques, made payable to the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, to TUSC, 17 Colebert House, Colebert Avenue, London, E1 4JP, letting us know which campaign (or shared by both) you want your donation to go to.  Let’s make sure TUSC isn’t held back from making the biggest possible impact in these elections!


Why not be a local council candidate?

THE OCTOBER steering committee also approved an application to be a TUSC candidate in a forthcoming by-election in Liverpool council’s Knotty Ash ward.  This will be the seventh council by-election TUSC has contested since last May’s local polls – but there are many more contests where we haven’t been able to field a candidate.

So if there is a council by-election in your area – you can check for an official ‘Notice of Vacancy’ on your council website and, of course, in the local press – why not stand and spread the TUSC anti-austerity message yourself?

TUSC was initially established precisely with the aim of enabling trade unionists, community campaigners and socialists to resist electorally as part of a national coalition the pro-austerity consensus of the establishment parties.  Candidates for local council elections are required to endorse TUSC’s Local Elections ‘core policies’ platform, posted on the TUSC website at http://www.tusc.org.uk/policy.php, but with that provision are responsible for their own campaign.

An application form to stand as a TUSC candidate, so you can be issued with a Certificate of Authorisation from the TUSC National Nominating Officer to hand in with the nomination papers to the local council returning officer, is on the TUSC website at http://www.tusc.org.uk/candidates.php