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6 April 2013

Third place for TUSC in Knowsley

TUSC candidate Steve Whatham won a respectable third place in a Knowsley council by-election on Thursday 4th April. 

Labour held the Prescot West seat with 44% of the vote and the Lib Dems kept their second place position from last May’s contest.  Steve came in with 8.5% of the poll, ahead of both the Tories and the Greens.

The Merseyside borough of Knowsley remains a ‘one-party’ council – all 63 councillors are Labour – but the by-election showed again that the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition banner can still be picked up by anti-cuts campaigners to mount a credible working class challenge to the pro-austerity consensus.

Knowsley borough council, Prescot West ward:

Labour 441; Lib Dems 403; TUSC 86 (8.5%); Conservative 62; Green 14