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Subject: Trade Unionist & Socialist Coalition Local Election challenge 2012

Next meeting of Merseyside TUSC takes place

Friday 9th March, at 7.00pm, in the Casa [cellar bistro],  29 Hope St., Liverpool 1


On Wednesday 7th March a lobby of the Liverpool city council will take place – protest to assemble from 4.30pm onwards at Liverpool Town Hall,


£Millions of cuts will once again be inflicted on the people of Liverpool by Labour, Lib-Dem, Liberal and Green councillors who all agree that the people of Liverpool have to be punished for a financial crisis they did not cause by reducing their local services and slashing jobs!    Once again we will see that not one Liverpool councillor is prepared to defend us against the Con Dem cuts!    Underlying the need to stand anti-cuts candidates in every ward!




All of the parties on the councils throughout Merseyside agree that cuts must be forced onto the people, and refuse to challenge the Con Dem Govt’s cuts.  Over 1,000s of jobs already done away with from local authority workforces so far, and more to come.  Sure Starts, libraries, and other services in our area are suffering from cuts as Labour, Lib-Dem, Liberal, Green and Tory councillors all vote to pass on the policies of the Con Dem coalition Govt. 


Enquiries to: Electoral Services

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01 February 2012
Liverpool City Council
City Council Elections & Mayoral Election Referendum May 3rd 2012

Dear Sir/Madam

   The election of Councillors for one third of the City Council seats will take place on Thursday, 3rd May 2012, between the hours of 7am and 10pm. The Election will almost certainly be combined with a Mayoral Election or Referendum to be held on the same day. I am at this stage unable to confirm either way, but will keep you informed as soon as confirmation is received.
   Nominations, according to the current timetable, will take place between 9am and 4pm from starting from no later than 27th March to 3rd April (excluding Saturdays and Sundays), and until 12 noon on
4th April, which is when nominations close.
The closing date and time for nominations will not change and is set at 12 noon on 4th April, however, the nomination process may start slightly earlier than 27th March, but I will confirm this date to you when you receive your nomination pack and further details relating to the conduct of the Election.

   As you have acted as agent for one or more candidates in the last election, I am writing to you to give as much advance notice as possible that a meeting to brief prospective candidates and agents will be held at 6pm in the Council Chamber, Town Hall, Liverpool, on 20th March 2012.  Light refreshments will be available from 5.30pm and nomination packs will also be available for collection from this time.
   If you are expecting to be an agent, or indeed a candidate, please note this date and time in your diary and complete and return the enclosed form in order that we can have nomination packs and registers available on your arrival.  Please pass the information on to anyone you know who would have an interest in attending as we will be making nomination packs and registers available and explaining the conduct of the election at this briefing.

If you are no longer involved in this process, then I would be grateful if you could please pass the information on to anyone you know who will be and ask them to get in touch with me.
Stephen Barker
Interim Elections Manager
Liverpool City Council

Electoral Services Unit, Room 230,
Municipal Buildings, Dale Street, Liverpool, L2 2DH
 Tel: 0151 225 3173 Fax: 0151 225 2392
E-mail: electionsliverpoolgov.uk
Web: www.liverpool.gov.uk