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5 March 2013

Lincoln TUSC lobby against council cuts

ANTI-CUTS PROTESTERS will hold a lobby of Lincoln City Council's full council meeting tonight to try to persuade councillors of an alternative to proposed cuts.

Lincoln City Council is proposing to cut the uphill bus which connects the High Street and Castle Square, as well as £75,000 from the subsidy for the iconic Drill Hall.  It also proposes to abolish ward budgets for community groups, and the jobs of urban rangers and common wardens. Finally, it plans to charge households £25 for garden waste collection. The City Council has also voted recently to increase council tenants' and garage rents by 3.66%, going up by almost four times as much as benefits and public-sector wage increases.

Lincoln Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, which has organised the protest, supports a strategy of councils refusing to pass on cuts following reductions to central government funding.

Lincoln TUSC spokesperson, Nick Parker, says “the Labour Party increased its share of the vote in last year's council elections as voters rejected Tory/Liberal cuts. The people of Lincoln deserve better than for their councillors to swing the axe on behalf of Eric Pickles and the Tory government.  Lincoln TUSC supporters encourage everyone who values these local services to join our lobby.

"The Labour council does have a choice about whether to make cuts.  If Lincoln Labour councillors stand up for local jobs and services and send the Tories and their cuts packing, they will have the support of the vast majority of the local population, including Lincoln TUSC supporters.  But if Labour councillors won't show a lead in fighting cuts, they should step aside for people who are prepared to put up a fight".

The lobby will take place at the Guildhall on Tuesday 5th March from 5.30pm, with the full council meeting starting at 6.30pm. Members of the public can watch the council meeting from the public gallery.