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Second union general secretary joins steering committee


THE GENERAL SECRETARY of the Prison Officers Association (POA), Steve Gillan, has joined the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) national steering committee, becoming the second union general secretary on the committee alongside Bob Crow, of the RMT transport workers’ union.  Also joining the TUSC committee is the POA Assistant General Secretary, Joe Simpson.


Steve and Joe were instrumental in the POA’s magnificent contribution to the May 10th strike action against the attacks on public sector pensions, with protest rallies being held outside 80% of public prisons in England and Wales and at every prison in Scotland.  These were deemed ‘illegal’ by the authorities, as prison officers are debarred from taking industrial action, but the POA were not deterred.  One of TUSC’s core policies, when our coalition was formed in 2010, is for the reinstatement of full trade union rights to prison officers.


Other new members of the TUSC steering committee are the national executive committee member for London of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU), Ian Leahair, and the socialist councillor Michael Lavalette.  Michael narrowly lost his Town Centre ward seat on Preston council last year but claimed it back on May 3rd, beating the Labour candidate by nearly a hundred votes with 48.5% of the poll.


TUSC moves forward, on the picket line and at the ballot box.