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1 May 2013

TUSC candidate speaks at Lincolnshire anti-drone demonstration

Nick Parker at anti-drone demo

AROUND 700 anti-war campaigners marched from Lincoln to RAF Waddington on Saturday 27th April to protest against the barbaric use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ‘Reaper’ drones in Afghanistan.  The national demonstration, called by groups including the Stop the War Coalition and War on Want, took place just two days after the UK government had announced that the drones had begun to be operated from the Lincolnshire base rather than operated from Nevada.

Nick Parker, Secretary of Lincoln & District Trades Council, and the TUSC candidate for Lincoln East in Thursday’s county council elections, addressed the closing rally.  He asked "why are we living under a system which can afford to spend billions of pounds of weapons of mass destruction, but cannot provide money for schools, hospitals, jobs and homes?

“We must commit ourselves to fighting against imperialist wars for oil and gas, and also to fighting the system which causes wars, and for a peaceful socialist world organised for the millions, not the millionaires".

There are six Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition candidates standing for Lincolnshire county council.  They are:

Nick Parker (Lincoln East); Emma Woodhall (Lincoln North); Samuel Mumby (Lincoln Glebe); Karen Willaims (Lincoln Moorland); Dave Tompkins (Lincoln Park); Luke Gregory-Jones (Lincoln West).