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4 April 2013

Local election leaflet and poster


TUSC Leaflet and Poster TUSC A4 election leaflet: Our chance to protest at the Tories, Lib Dems, and Labour too!

A TUSC local elections leaflet is now available, for printed copies to be sent out by post or a PDF version – Council election leaflet – that could be copi-printed locally. 

On the front there is space to overprint details of local candidates and, on the reverse side, is the TUSC ten-point ‘core policy platform’ for council elections. 

300 leaflets for £5

800 leaflets for £12

1,600 leaflets for £20

2,500 leaflets for £28

5,000 leaflets for £45


TUSC A3 election poster: Where will your vote go?

Poster May 2013

80 posters for £5

150 posters for £8


Use the PayPal donation facility on the TUSC website – at http://www.tusc.org.uk/donate.php – and send an e-mail with delivery details etc, to [email protected]

Or make out a cheque payable to the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition and send to TUSC, 17 Colebert House, Colebert Avenue, London E1 4JP.