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11 April 2015

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Hackney and Islington TUSC film showing: Riot from Wrong

25 October 2013

Hackney and Islington TUSC is showing the film Riot from Wrong at:
Rio Cinema
9 November 2013

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London TUSC election launch Rally, Wednesday 21 March 2012

21 March 2012

Public rally to launch London TUSC campaign

Bob Crow, general secretary, rail union RMT, speaking at the rally

London Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition News

22 February 2012

TUSC GLA candidates. Pics Paul Mattsson

Public rally to launch London TUSC GLA campaign: Speakers:
Bob Crow, general secretary, rail union RMT
Matt Wrack, general secretary, Fire Brigades Union, FBU
Alex Gordon, president, RMT & TUSC candidate
Ian Leahair, firefighters’ union, FBU national executive & TUSC candidate
April Ashley, Unison national executive & TUSC candidate
Jackie Turner, doctor and health campaigner & TUSC candidate
Chaired by TUSC candidate Nick Wrack

If you live in London come along and get involved.
Wednesday 21 March, 7.15pm at 235 Shaftesbury Avenue London WC2H 8EP. For venue see: http://bit.ly/AvAGGK

If you live in London we want you to get involved in the campaign. e-mail [email protected] with your borough. We are aiming to set up borough campaign committees so that everyone can get involved locally. Want to campaign for TUSC in your trade union? Then let us know what union you are in at the TUSC bulletin e-mail address.

Matt Wrack, General secretary of the Fire Brigades Union

Matt Wrack, speaking at the London TUSC public meeting to launch our election challenge in the GLA elections May 3rd

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition list for the Greater London Assembly elections May 2012

Alex Gordon

Alex Gordon, President, RMT Occupation: Train driver;

Position: President, Rail, Maritime and Transport workers union, RMT;

Alex says:

open quoteThis election is an historic opportunity to gain a voice for ordinary working people fighting against the crisis of the capitalist system.

The most right-wing British government since the 1930s is punishing young people and pensioners, the unemployed and those in work, with a poisonous policy cocktail of job cuts, pay freezes and compulsory workfare schemes.

Labour Party leaders, scandalously, have declared in Ed Balls' words, 'we are going to have to keep all these cuts'. Local authorities have fallen over each other to implement cuts and attack the services that our communities rely on. And we have only just begun to feel the impact of the austerity that will fall between now and the general election in 2015.

In every country in Europe attacks on workers' rights and the welfare state - policies enshrined in the European Union (EU) - are carried out by national governments. But in every country working people are rejecting these policies.

close quoteThe dictatorship of bankers and finance capitalists, which the EU embodies, is nowhere more evident than in London, a city dominated by global financial institutions. The failed policies of global finance capitalism - austerity for us and bailouts for the bankers - demand a clear and uncompromising voice of opposition in the GLA.

Nick Wrack

Nick Wrack, pic by Paul Mattsson Occupation: Barrister;

Position: TUSC national executive;

About Nick:

Nick Wrack is a life-long socialist. He was formerly chair of the Socialist Alliance, and then of Respect. He works as a barrister specialising in criminal defence and civil liberties. He lives in Peckham.

Nick says:

open quoteAusterity is marching across Europe with the backing of all the established parties, Labour included. Millions of ordinary people are being forced to pay for the economic crisis, which they did not cause.

close quoteWe need a new party that can represent all those who want to protect and extend the gains of the past and that will fight for a new society that puts the interests of the many before the profits of a few."

April Ashley

April Ashley, from public sector union Unison’s national executive, standing in a personal capacity, pic by Paul Mattsson Occupation: Local government worker

Position: Assistant Branch Secretary Southwark UNISON.
Black members rep on UNISON National Executive Council

April says

open quoteI am standing in this election as working for the local council I see the ravages of Tory cuts on services and jobs in the local community. The worst hit are black workers who are at the bottom of the pile in terms of wages and conditions.

New Labour is not defending the community, those who voted for them, and I have already suggested they stand down and make way for those who will fight all the cuts.

Youth services in Southwark are being slashed, there will be little support, there are no jobs as the council cuts vacancies so we can't be surprised if there are more riots in Peckham as youth see there is no future under this government.

close quote I am standing to argue that there is an alternative to the austerity programme and if we fight we can make a difference.

I am married with two teenage children at 6th Form College and University, and live in Mitcham, Merton.

Sian Griffiths

Sian Griffiths, firefighter, FBU Occupation: Firefighter

Position: FBU

Sian says

open quoteAs a London woman Firefighter for 27 years, we have faced attacks by every government. Firefighters are held in high esteem by the public but in contempt by our employers; they won't stop until we risk our lives for nothing.

close quoteWhilst grass root firefighters witness the erosion of their pay and conditions, those who call themselves 'directors' indulge in corrupt practices including inflated salaries and privatizing everything. I am revolted by these practices and want to do something about it.

Steve Hedley

Steve Hedley, tube worker, RMT London organiser, pic Paul Mattsson Occupation: Tube worker

Position: London regional organiser, Rail, Maritime and Transport workers union, RMT

Steve says:

open quoteA railway worker for 24 years I am now the London transport Organiser for the RMT union.

Having seen workers betrayed by the Labour Party, which will carry out cuts to jobs, services and benefits, I am astounded that some trade unions continue to fund them.

Living in London's East Ham I've watched as Labour have abandoned working people and the fascist BNP have benefited from the effective disenfranchisement of traditional Labour voters.

If there's money to nationalise failing banks that cost us billions in tax money and to fund illegal wars, then there must be money to build council houses, and to renationalise the railway, gas, electric and water.

Our candidates are not professional politicians - we do the same jobs as you, live in the same houses and our kids go to the same schools.

Let's put one of our own in a position where they speak out for us.

close quote Vote TUSC, the only organisation that will force the bosses to pay for the crisis they have created and that will fight every attack on you and your family.

Ian Leahair

Ian Leahair, firefighter, FBU national executive, pic Suzanne Beishon Occupation: Firefighter

Position: Fire Brigades Union national executive for London

About Ian

A Firefighter of more than 20yrs, Ian Leahair joined the London Fire Brigade in 1990 and after training was posted to Bethnal Green Fire Station in the east London borough of Tower Hamlets.

He rapidly became involved in the Fire Brigades Union and by 1993 he had become a branch secretary of the FBU.

Between 1996 and 2006 he served the local community as a firefighter in the Borough of Redbridge serving at both Hainault and Ilford Fire Stations, where he also held the FBU position of Regional Official with the remit for discipline.

In 2006/7 Ian was elected as the FBU Executive Council Member for London with the responsibility of representing over 5000 London Firefighters.

With the main stream political parties all promoting wide spread cuts and public sector pay freezes, firefighter Ian Leahair believes that it is now time for London Firefighters and the communities they serve to have a real voice that offers an opposition to the cuts and pay freezes.

As a TUSC candidate and London Firefighter, it is time to unite and oppose the privatisation agenda of the London Fire Brigade, which has already seen its vehicle fleet/equipment and its training departments privatised, with further plans to outsource the London Control Centre, a decision that whilst making large profits for shareholders will surely risk the safety of both the capitals firefighters and the public they serve.

Gary McFarlane

Gary McFarlane, Black activist and journalist Occupation: Journalist

Position: Black activist

Gary says:

open quoteAs an active socialist and trade unionist I am appalled by the rampant inequality that scars Britain. Ordinary people are being made to pay for the bankers’ crisis.

The recent riots in Tottenham, at which I was present, were a cry of rage against a system that benefits the rich and big business and leaves those at the bottom to rot.

close quote We demand social justice - it is time for a change and the voices of the 99% to be heard over those of the 1% at the top.

Martin Powell-Davies

Martin Powell-Davies, teacher, NUT national executive Occupation: Teacher

Position: Lewisham NUT Secretary since 1993
Elected to NUT National Executive 2010
Editor, ‘Classroom Teacher’ newsletter
Convenor, Socialist Party Teachers Blog: electmartin1.blogspot.com

Martin says:

open quoteEducation is under attack from this Government: budgets are cut, schools facing forced privatisation, workload at intolerable levels - yet young teachers are told they should work until they’re 68!

But, shamefully, New Labour's leadership won't oppose these attacks: Ed Balls won’t reverse cuts, Stephen Twigg supports Free Schools, Ed Milliband opposes trade unionists striking to defend their pensions.

close quoteTeachers know they can’t just fight cuts and privatisation through trade union action alone. We also need political representatives that will speak out in support of union policies.

Merlin Reader

Merlin Reader, postal worker Occupation: Postal worker

Position: Communication Workers Union (CWU) union rep

Merlin says:

open quoteI am a socialist, a postal worker and trade union activist. I am standing because I oppose the running of society for profit – production and services should be about meeting peoples needs, not attempting to maximize shareholder returns.

close quote If a person gets millions of pounds a year ,they should not be in a position of power – they should be able to live well on much less. There should be a maximum wage, as well as a much higher minimum wage.

Joe Simpson

Joe Simpson, prison officer, POA assistant secretary Occupation: Prison officer

Position: Prison Officers Association assistant secretary

Joe says:

open quote The leader of the Labour Party, Ramsey McDonald, refused to support the 1926 general strike, arguing that strikes should not be used as a political weapon, and the best way to achieve social reform was through parliamentary elections.

When I was growing up in Sunderland, everyone always said you had to join the Labour Party because they’re the only party that will speak up for the workers.

No longer.

When Labour MP Sadiq Khan congratulated the ConDem Justice Minister for selling Birmingham Prison, and my colleagues, to the private sector, like slaves, I tore up my Labour Party card and joined the Socialist Party.

close quote I believe in full employment, a decent living wage, a decent house to live in, and a society that looks after everyone, not just the privileged few; to be able to withdraw my labour without fear of imprisonment or losing my job; free healthcare, an end to privatisation, and the re-nationalisation of all privatised industries.

(Speech to Socialism 2011)

Jenny Sutton

Jenny Sutton, college lecturer, UCU chair, London (FE) Occupation: College lecturer

Position: University and College Union chair, London (FE)

Jenny says:

open quoteI'm an Esol teacher at the College of North East London (CONEL) in Tottenham, where I've lived and worked for more than 20 years. In that time I've campaigned consistently for education and public services and against racism and police brutality.

close quote "I'm the branch secretary of the UCU lecturers union at CONEL and chair of London Region UCU (Further Education). In the general election in 2010 I stood as the TUSC candidate in Tottenham on a platform of 'Save education, jobs and public services'. Our lively and inclusive campaign secured one of the best TUSC results in the country."

Nancy Taaffe

Nancy Taaffe, library worker made redundant, Unison Occupation: Library worker made redundant

Position: Former Unison branch chair

Nancy says:

open quoteI'm 43 years old and have lived in Waltham Forest for over 25 years. I had both my children at the local hospital Whipps Cross and both of my children went to local primary and secondary schools.

I worked in the library service for 11 years until our New Labour council passed on Tory cuts and made me redundant.

I am one of potentially 700,000 people that George Osborne (son of a billionaire) wants to sack to pay for bankers being bailed out.

I believe that they selected me because I have a long history of fighting cuts and privatisations in the borough.

I loved my library job as I really believe in the library service as a civilising factor in our local communities.

I worked compiling book orders for the elderly who are isolated at home and are housebound. It was a disgrace not only to sack two people who worked on that service but to undermine it and cut it in this way.

I believe that socialists have been proved right about the insanity of capitalist economics.

close quoteBack in 1999 members of the local Labour Party told me I was mad for trying to stop our educational services from being privatised. Now the workers in education services are having their redundancy payments slashed as the company moves to protect it's profits.

We were right, privatisation doesn't work.

Jackie Turner

Jackie Turner, doctor Occupation: Doctor


Jackie says

open quoteI have lived and worked as a GP in Tower Hamlets for many years and been actively involved in various campaigns including anti war, housing, anti fascism.

Currently my energies are directed against the Health and Social Care Bill which if passed will be one of the biggest social injustices every visited on the English people.

close quote I am standing because I believe in social justice. I am against the cuts being imposed by the government in the face of very little opposition from the mainstream political parties.

Lee Vernon

Lee Vernon, PCS young members’ convenor, London Occupation: Civil Servant

Position: Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) young members’ convenor, London

Lee says:

open quoteCurrently, young people are not represented by any of the major parties, all of whom are committed to cutting public services and doing nothing to create genuine jobs for the record levels of young unemployed.

close quote I'm standing to give young people a real anti-cuts alternative. As the regional PCS young members convenor and a workplace rep, I'm standing on a record of fighting for people against all attacks and previously been involved in campaigns for free education and against benefit cuts and workfare.

Lesley Woodburn

Lesley Woodburn, SERTUC LGBTQ committee Occupation: Unemployed

Position: South East Regional Trade Union Council (SERTUC) Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Committee

Lesley says:

open quoteI have been working mostly in the voluntary sector. Almost overnight I have seen it transformed into part of the Tory Big Society.

Like some Dickinsian novel, voluntary organisations now have to go cap in hand to big business and beg for money and try to continue doing socially vital work.

Since being made redundant I have found little work. I am now part of that ever growing statistic that sees unemployment rise. I do voluntary work to keep myself busy.

As a life long socialist I knew things would come to this: financial crisis caused by the rich few and resistance of many. It's the 80's again, high unemployment, public services being attacked, increased police harassment.

It's class war. I am standing as a TUSC candidate to build a collective struggle against the 1% of rinsers who have never given US anything that we have not collectively fought for and won for ourselves.

close quote I am a trade unionist, and have been active in Unison and now Unite. I am a Unite Representative on the South East TUC LGBTQ Network. I am standing in a very personal capacity.

Mick Dooley

Mick Dooley, pic Paul Mattsson Occupation: Blacklisted construction worker and former Union of Construction and Allied Trades and Technicians (UCATT) Official

Position: Former UCATT general secretary candidate

Mick says:

open quote We are the serious alternative voice for the people of London. We are not controlled by establishment politicians, we are trade unionists who know what the real world is because, like you, we work in it, we live in your streets and our kids go to your schools.

close quote Our presence in City Hall will ensure that mainstream politicians will not lead us by the nose to suit their own agendas. That's why I am standing: it is our city not theirs."

Mark Benjamin

Mark Benjamin, PCS union activist Occupation: Civil Servant

Position: Public and Commercial Services union (PCS) R&C Group Black Members Advisory Committee;
Co-Secretary of SERTUC Race Relations Committee;
Press Officer, Ealing Trades Council

Mark says:

open quoteI am a civil servant employed by HMRC as a Customs Officer and a PCS union activist since 1984. We face the biggest threat to our jobs, pensions, terms and conditions from this Government and so need the strongest candidates to be elected and to win the battles ahead.

In December 2010 I unfortunately became disabled after suffering a major stroke which has affected the left hand side of my body. This has affected my mobility but not my determination to continue to represent all members to the best of my ability within my union.

I work in Ealing London and live in Southall Middlesex. I am currently a member of the PCS R&C Group Black Members Advisory Committee, Co-Secretary of SERTUC Race Relations Committee and Press Officer of my local Town Trades Council in Ealing.

I am proud to belong to a union that has been paramount in organizing the successful strike action on 30 June, 30 November 2011 and 28 March 2012.

close quoteI will continue to campaign for fair pensions for all as it cannot be right to expect members to work longer, contribute more and receive less when they retire.

Note: Candidates are standing in a personal capacity

New TUSC postcard for the London Elections 3 May

20 February 2012

New TUSC postcard for the London Elections 3 May New TUSC postcard for the London Elections 3 May

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Calender of events

22 February 2012

Calender of events

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