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Labour votes down rebel councillors 'no bedroom tax evictions' motion

Sue Atkins with Don Thomas and Keith Morrell, photo TUSC

Sue Atkins with Don Thomas and Keith Morrell, photo TUSC

Posted: 31 May 2013

THE SOUTHAMPTON council meeting on May 15th debated a motion moved by the 'rebel councillors' Keith Morrell and Don Thomas that the council remove the threat of eviction if a tenant falls into arrears because they are unable to pay the 'Bedroom Tax' increase in their rent.

The motion was quite straightforward. It read:

"Further to the resolution of the council concerning the under-occupation penalty (so-called 'Bedroom Tax'), Southampton council further resolves not to evict any tenant who goes into rent arrears because of the 'Bedroom Tax' and calls on other local social housing providers to do the same.

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Sixty at Haringey TUSC meeting

Posted: 30 May 2013

SIXTY PEOPLE attended last week's meeting to launch the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition's anti-cuts electoral challenge for next year's local elections in the north London borough of Haringey.

The meeting was chaired by Jenny Sutton, a local University and College Union (UCU) rep who has stood for TUSC locally in previous elections and achieved creditable results.

Platform speaker Oktay Sahbaz of the Day Mer Turkish and Kurdish group that hosted the meeting, explained that austerity policies, supported by all the major parties, were unnecessary and had made the rich even richer at our expense in the period since the financial crash.

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Southampton by-election: Labour non-answers show why anti-cuts councillors are needed

Posted: 23 May 2013

"CAN YOU guarantee that this time next year, Sure Start, local libraries, and Woolston youth centre will still be open?" Twice Carol Cunio, one of the Labour councillors for Southampton's Woolston ward, where a council by-election is taking place on June 13th, was challenged by Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate Sue Atkins.

Chairing the TUSC Woolston by-election campaign launch meeting, anti-cuts councillor Keith Morrell invited the Labour councillor to answer.

The meeting was met with silence. It revealed to everyone there why electing a third anti-cuts councillor in Southampton is an urgent task for those fighting to protect jobs and services from Con-Dem cuts.

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UKIP surge continues, squeezing TUSC in Rotherham by-election

Posted: 17 May 2013

THE UKIP advance in May's local elections continued on Thursday as they took a seat from Labour in the Rawmarsh ward council by-election in Rotherham.

When this seat was contested in the 2012 borough council elections Labour won with 1,685 votes (66%) to the BNP's 531. The only other candidate was a Conservative, who polled 328 votes.

This time the UKIP candidate, who had some profile from contesting the Rotherham parliamentary seat in the 2010 general election, won with 46% of the vote, with Labour falling to 42% on only a slightly lower turnout. The BNP collapsed from 531 (21%) to 80 votes.

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