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TUSC conference 2012

Saturday 22nd September 2012, 11am-5pm, Room B34, Birkbeck College, Malet Street, London WC1E

All welcome.  Registration on the door £5 waged/£2 unwaged, with a pooled fare for waged attendees capped at £10 (ie, if your travel costs are less than £10 you will be asked to pay the difference into the pooled fare).




11am to 1-15pm:

TUSC ‘open forum’ -

Building working class political representation against the austerity consensus

An opening session to discuss how working class political representation could develop in the age of austerity, including the position in the trade unions, what is happening in the Labour Party, and where does TUSC fit in.

Speakers include: Alex Gordon, RMT President, and John McInally, PCS Vice-President

Plus: representatives of the Socialist Party, the Socialist Workers Party, Communist Party of Britain and the TUSC Independent Socialists Network.



1-45pm to 3-30pm:

For councillors who will stand up to the Con-Dems

Preparing for the 2013 elections, including a discussion on the draft TUSC local elections policy platform (see Draft 2013 Local Elections Policy).

Speakers include: Walsall DLP Cllr Pete Smith, and TUSC Liverpool mayoral candidate and former ‘Liverpool 47’ councillor, Tony Mulhearn.



3-30pm to 5-00pm:

‘Reviewing TUSC’s structures’

Introducing the ‘Reviewing TUSC’s structures’ commission report (see Structure Commission Report) and plans for how to continue the discussion.