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Posted: 7 February 2013

Meeting to discuss Bucks county council election campaign

ON MONDAY February 11th Aylesbury Trade Union and Socialist Coalition supporters will be holding a meeting to discuss standing anti-cuts candidates in the forthcoming county council elections.

TUSC candidate Roger Priest stood in local elections in 2011 and this year with the cuts and attacks on working peoples jobs, services and quality of life, there is even more reason to vote for someone who will represent the 99% rather than the 1%.

The meeting is open to all, especially those who are campaigning against cuts and wish to work alongside others as the local county council is implementing massive cuts on the social care budget, at a time when Buckinghamshire’s population is aging.

Steve Bell, a local health trade unionist, local campaigner against HS2 and TUSC supporter stated: “With approximately 80% of the cuts yet to come, this election comes at an extremely important time.  All three parties support cuts to benefits, pay, pensions and services to pay for the deficit.  Yet we know that large corporations and banks are avoiding their tax liabilities and are continuing as if nothing happened expecting working people to pay for a crisis they did not cause.  We believe that there is an alternative and are looking for others who are prepared to join with us to represent young people, students, pensioners, working people, the 99% of people whose voices aren’t heard in the council chamber”.

TUSC meeting with former socialist councillor from Hillingdon Wally Kennedy and Steve Bell (chair) 7.30pm Monday 11th February, the Railway Club, Aylesbury.

For more info contact Steve Bell 07789915221