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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Bulletin No.49

Saturday 12 January 2013 




May elections – ten weeks until nominations open!

It is only ten weeks before nominations open for the May 2013 local elections – so all TUSC supporters need to get out our ‘Appeal for Candidates’ as far and wide as possible. Printed copies of a four-sided TUSC broadsheet can be ordered from the TUSC website  It includes the TUSC ‘core policy platform’ for council elections and a brief introduction to what the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is. It’s ideal for distributing to trade unionists and anti-cuts campaigners looking for a chance to fight back – make sure you have some supplies for the protests that are likely to take place in the run-up to this year’s round of council budget-setting meetings. The charges listed are to cover postage costs.

Here is a link to a version of the broadsheet that you should be able to e-mail to campaign e-lists that you are on without clogging up peoples’ inboxes: We need council candidates to stand up to the Con-Dems!  TUSC supporters in Lancashire have already sent this out: Lancashire County Council needs anti-cuts councillors! to anti-cuts campaign lists etc with a covering letter  listing the seats up for election in May.


Keep an eye out for snap council by-elections

This year’s local elections are mainly for the non-metropolitan county council areas. But there may be council by-elections in other areas at the same time, as the other parties usually try to group planned resignations of sitting councillors around the time of national elections, to pick up on the national publicity they generate. So keep an eye on your local newspaper, and your council’s website, for any news of councillors stepping down.


Finally, if there is a by-election in your area and you wish to stand as a TUSC candidate, you need to get a Certificate of Authorisation from the TUSC National Nominating Officer to hand in with the nomination papers to the local council returning officer. An application form is available on the TUSC website at http://bit.ly/axuWPW  This is the application form that prospective candidates for May’s scheduled elections also need to use to get their TUSC certificate.


TUSC Steering Committee to discuss the 2014 Euro Elections and the selection of prospective parliamentary candidates

The December Steering Committee agreed that a discussion about Parliamentary candidates would be held at its February meeting, and discussing a process for the early selection of parliamentary candidates would also take place early in the New Year.  The Steering Committee next meets on Wednesday January 16th


On going TUSC election campaigns

Two TUSC candidates standing against cuts on the Wirral: http://t.co/qPs3lEWN


Staffordshire TUSC has been using Audioboo to launch its campaign: http://bit.ly/V2MnOo

Brixton Hill by-election public meetingMonday 14th January 7.30pmVida Walsh Centre2B Saltoun RoadSW2 1EP (by Ritzy cinema)


Local campaigns


On 9 January twenty Trade Unionists and Socialist Coalition supporters protested at Rotherham Hospital before presenting a 3,000 signature petition to the Foundation Trust governors opposing the drastic cuts they are proposing to local NHS services. In October, Brian James, then the Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust chief executive, proposed a "smaller hospital, with substantially fewer beds" and a smaller workforce to save £50m over the next four years. TUSC made fighting these cuts the main policy of our campaign in the Rotherham parliamentary by-election held in November. We have continued the petition since and last night’s protest was the next step in our campaign. TUSC received widespread media coverage with two local papers, three radio stations and BBC North news reporting on the protest/petition. For more go here: http://bit.ly/UYBTCz 


TUSC public meetings in Waltham Forest TUSC public meetingWednesday 23rd January 7.30pmWilliam Morris Community Centre Greenleaf RoadE17 6QQ http://bit.ly/ZLtcMM


Rugby TUSC to organise Benefit Gig to support local community facilities

Rugby TUSC has agreed to join the campaign to support and save the Rehersal Rooms/Studio on Lower Hillmorton Rd in Rugby by organising a TUSC Benefit Gig there on Saturday March 2nd.  There will be six live bands using two stages, and a bar will be provided. http://bit.ly/HqaK3E


TUSC Independent Socialist Network National Meeting. 19 January, 12 noon til 5pm Milton Keynes. Details here: http://bit.ly/RrZ4xF.


From the Unions


Local fire and rescue service hit by government cuts, FBU warns

The London FBU has called a mass lobby of fire authority meeting on 21 January at brigade HQ. Assemble from 1.30. Save our fire stations! The union is urging the public in Devon and Somerset to protest against the most savage cuts ever to their local fire and rescue service, after preliminary budget figures were announced. The coalition government has reduced its grant to the Devon and Somerset fire and rescue service by 10.3% for the year 2013/14 and 7.3% for the year 2014/15... cuts three times more savage than any ever imposed on the service before, by any previous government, and gives the lie to Minister Eric Pickles’ claim that the fire and rescue service is somehow being protected. http://bit.ly/WS9NmX  Also see blogpiece by David Hencke: bit.ly/WptyBv


Customers of Howdens the kitchen maker could face disruption

Customers of the kitchen maker Howdens Joinery could face disruption to the delivery of their bespoke kitchens as a potential dispute is brewing because hardworking drivers face the sack. 

Unite, Britain's biggest union, is preparing an industrial action ballot for DHL workers operating the Howdens Joinery contract, in a dispute over the company's decision to relocate the Widnes (Merseyside) transport operation to Howden in East Yorkshire with the loss of 64 jobs. http://bit.ly/U7z7qL


Rail, maritime and transport union RMT shows continued growth in face of savage attack on jobs

The RMT has announced that the organisation has continued to increase its membership in the past twelve months in the teeth of the most savage attacks on jobs and working conditions for a generation.  Membership figures released by the union this week show that RMT has put on a net gain of 1456 members through 2012, taking the total to 77,549 – an annual growth of nearly 2% in the most challenging circumstances http://bit.ly/VKfXZz


Probation : 105 years in the making, two in the breaking

Proposals to make drastic changes to the Probation Service through wholesale outsourcing of the rehabilitation of offenders have been branded ‘dangerously misguided’ by UNISON, the UK’s largest union. The union said the plans, which will place the running of big regional contracts into the hands of multi-national private sector companies, would destroy the localism and accountability that is key to the success of probation services. http://bit.ly/WDQTQa


Isle of Man bus drivers to discuss new strike dates

Bus drivers on the Isle of Man will meet Unite leaders to discuss new strike dates for January, February and March in a bitter dispute with government-owned Bus Vannin. 

The long-running bus dispute began last year after the Manx government’s Department of Community Culture and Leisure (DCCL) instructed the employer to cut the budget for buses by £300,000, which led to the drivers’ contracts being terminated and new contracts imposed, slashing drivers’ wages by up to £3,000-a-year. http://bit.ly/WDQblZ


NASUWT responds to Academies Commission report

Responding to the publication this week of “Unleashing Greatness: Getting the best from an academised system”, a report by the Academies Commission, Chris Keates, General Secretary of the NASUWT said: “Much of the analysis and recommendations in this report reflect the Union’s long-standing concerns about the academies programme. As the NASUWT has continued to make clear, there is no link between academisation and ensuring that all children and young people can make the most of their potential as learners. The Academies Commission report provides powerful confirmation of this truth.



Review of prisons urgently needed as seven more to close, demands the PCS Union

The decision to close seven more public sector prisons is irresponsible when the prison population remains high and overcrowding is widespread, argues the PCS. Any fall in the number of prisoners should be used as an opportunity to reduce overcrowding and focus more resources on reducing reoffending and protecting the public, the Union adds.  The new prison places also announced will predominantly be in private prisons. http://bit.ly/VkDTmG


Information Burst


Deborah Coles‏@DebatINQUEST:  UK Border Agency continues to use force against pregnant women and children and ignore prison inspectorate. State sanctioned violence http://bit.ly/ZFZX9y


‘Learning to Govern Ourselves’ Venezuela’s National Network of Commoners: http://bit.ly/TMXOs6  


Sweden ends forced sterilization of transgender people http://thkpr.gs/VPEn3S


Small farmers, Indigenous peoples condemn Doha climate talks: 'Governments produce blank pages for planet’s future'. Statement by the international peasant movement La Via Campesina: http://bit.ly/TULoPK 




Cardiff Get Ready, Set, Go –January 12th noon-2pm. Say no to Scapegoating of claimants 

Saturday 12 January 2013, 12:00pm Statue of Aneurin Bevan, Queen St, Cardiff / Cerflun Aneurin Bevan, Heol y Frenhines, Caerdydd. Cardiff Against The Cuts is calling out all benefit claimaints, trade unionists, disabled activists and anticuts campaigners to protest against the attacks on benefit claimants http://bit.ly/UlSWdB


Defend your home against bedroom tax

Saturday 12 January 2013, 3:00pm.  The Black-E 1 Great George Street Liverpool L1 5EW, L1 5EW

From the 1st of April 2013, tenants of housing associations & social landlords will be hit by a possible 25% cut in their housing benefit if they under-occupy their home.  This means:

1 spare room will see a 14% reduction in housing benefit2 spare rooms will see a 25% reduction in housing benefit http://bit.ly/ZOHU6I


Birmingham Law Centre faces closure as council refuses funding

Open organising meeting Monday 14th January, 6:30pm Unison Offices, 19th Floor McClaren Tower, Priory Queensway, Birmingham, B4 7SL.Speaker from Birmingham Law Centre coming to explain their situation.

Birmingham Law Centre is facing closure after Birmingham City Council (itself facing massive cuts) refused to offer money to the law centre to replace the lost income from legal aid, which will cease to exist for many areas of civil law in April 2013, denying access to justice for anyone unable to afford solicitors: http://bit.ly/VL8sQ0


No If’s! No But’s! No Disability Cuts! Public Meeting

Monday 14 January 2013, 7:00pm  Ealing Town Hall, New Broadway, Ealing, West London W5 2BY Speakers will include: - Users of Stirling Road & Learning Curve Day Centre’s and parents & carers of users.- Peter Purton (TUC National Disability Policy Officer).- Eve Turner ( Ealing Trades Council & Disability Benefits Specialist).- Speaker from DPAC (Disabled People Against The Cuts). http://bit.ly/VL13QK


Vigil at Judicial Review of the Work Capability Assessment 

Wednesday 16 January 2013, 12:00pm  Royal courts of Justice near to the Upper Tribunal Courts, the Strand, WC2A 2LL  Organized by the Mental Health Resistance Network, supported by DPAC and other mental health and disability campaigning organisations. http://bit.ly/UMYo9t


Emergency meeting: save Birmingham council services 

Wednesday 16 January 2013, 7:00pm  New Lecture Theater Birmingham City University Conservatoire, Paradise Place B3 3HG. This is an emergency organising meeting to discuss action over the cuts. We are calling on everyone who is ready to work organising an opposition, to get together to plan for a fight back http://bit.ly/WBZIMQ


Co-Op - Don’t Renew The Atos Contract! - Communications Blockade Public · By The Crutch Collective Thursday 17 January 2013 Picket times - From 5p.m. on Thursday 17th January to catch people going home from work and late night shoppers. And anytime on Saturday 19th January.

The Co-Op have said that their new occupational health contract starts in March and that the bidding process for the new contract has already begun. The Co-Op have refused to publicly rule out a bid from Atos. If the Co-Op were going to make their decision based on ethical concerns, which they have said will be a factor, they would have already publicly rejected a bid from Atos. Details of the Communications blockade on Thursday 17th January from 9 a.m. to 5p.m. can be found here:



Save Sheffield early years service March and Demo called by The Community Childcare Forum  

Saturday 19 January 2013  Assemble at Devonshire Green at 11.00 to march to the Town Hall.

The Demonstration has been called in response to the brutal cuts which Sheffield City Council are proposing to inflict upon our communities who are already suffering from the Government’s austerity measures.



Brighton: Voices against the Cuts - Women and Austerity  Saturday 2 February 2013, 1:00pm  Brighthelm centre North Road, Brighton  Public event hosted by Brighton Women Against Cuts http://bit.ly/UCBEHN


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