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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Bulletin No.42

Thursday 10 May 2012


TUSC to hold national conference in September 2012. Report from 9th May TUSC national steering committee here: http://bit.ly/KpJZeU

Election data and analysis:

2012 Local Elections: Victories in Preston and Walsall; a setback in Coventry; solid votes in many councils

Two TUSC-backed candidates have won council seats in Thursday’s elections! Michael Lavalette, who narrowly lost his Town Centre ward seat on Preston council last year, claimed it back this time, beating the Labour candidate by nearly a hundred votes with 48.5% of the poll. In Walsall, Peter Smith, who had also lost his seat in 2011, shot up from 34% of the vote in 2011 to 45.8% this year to win back the Blakenall ward. Peter is a member of the Walsall Democratic Labour Party, which co-operates with other socialist organisations under the TUSC coalition umbrella. Unfortunately, the elections in Coventry saw a setback for TUSC. The TUSC national chairperson, Dave Nellist, lost his seat on Coventry council. Despite increasing the socialist vote in the St Michaels ward from last year to 1,469 this time (43.4%), Dave was defeated by a city-wide Labour Party campaign to unseat the only anti-austerity opposition from the council. Read more here: http://bit.ly/Iwqgff

You can find one view here:http://bit.ly/KpJZeU and another view here: http://bit.ly/JUrGud

You can find the full election results here: http://www.tusc.org.uk/press070512.php

You can find TUSC 2012 results in wards also contested in 2011 here: http://www.tusc.org.uk/press060512.php

You can find the TUSC council ward results ‘league table’ here: http://www.tusc.org.uk/press050512.php

Rugby TUSC reports that 16 articles or letters have been written promoting it in the local media in the last two months, over half of them during the election period http://bit.ly/HqaK3E

From the Unions

Hundreds of thousands join strikes on 10 May: reports here:http://tiny.cc/31z3dw and here: http://tiny.cc/s4z3dw

RMT confirmsballot of Churchills Tyne and Wear Metro cleaners over pay and conditions. http://bit.ly/Knj3MO

Unite urges Mayor to intervene to avoid London Olympic bus strike http://bit.ly/LlTsUe

Powerful new alliance against austerity

Three of Europe’s largest unions, UNISON, Ver.di and CGIL, representing more than 5 million public sector workers, met in London last week to form a powerful new alliance against the damaging politics of austerity. http://bit.ly/KHQAEu

Essex fire crews give seven days’ notice of strike ballot http://bit.ly/IQZqx8

RMT is balloting tube cleaners working for ISS and Initial for both strike action and action short of a strike in disputes over pay, pensions and benefits http://bit.ly/IC2I8t


Ireland - Vita Cortex - 32 workers with 847 years of service are now sitting in for 136 days in order to receive the remaining 0.9 weeks redundancy payment per year, a very modest demand by any standards. http://bit.ly/v4SMh1

Kazakshtan - Activists arrested in Almaty and jailed for two weeks! http://bit.ly/uXOn47

Information burst

Here is one view of the election result in Greece: Greek Elections: The Vengeance of a People in Struggle!: http://tiny.cc/tnz3dw

Poole food bank: our biggest client group now is people on low incomes: http://bit.ly/KTmZ4E

Legal aid cuts: Campaigners have warned thousands of children could be hit by restrictions on legal aid in housing cases http://bit.ly/K2mw0n

After 13 years of New Labour and two years of the Con-Dem Coalition, nearly 4 million children are living in poverty http://bit.ly/HfmLde . Tax credits calamity hammers 200,000 families and harms the economy: http://tiny.cc/9oz3dw


Cuts Conversations Saturday 12 May 12:00pm Outside WH Smiths, Lands Lane, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 6AW What do you think about: Housing benefit cuts, increased hours for working tax credit, lone parents need to seek work once youngest reaches 5, time limit to ESA, 40% ATOS decisions overturned, free labour, medical exams for disabled people, scapegoating and hate crime. We’ll decide the actual topics together on the day http://bit.ly/vxNg07

Alternatives - 1 million climate jobsTuesday 15 May 11:00am 11.00am to 12.30pm Prices’ Square, Northfield, as guests of Northfield Eco-Centre 1.00pm to 5.00pm Birmingham Cathedral on Temple Row, Birmingham B3. 7.00pm Public meeting in the Council House – (committee Rooms 3 and 4) Victoria Square, Birmingham, to hear local and national speakers from a number of campaigns.

The Climate Caravan will be in Birmingham on Thursday 15th May, promoting 1 million climate jobs. Go along to one of their events to find out more about this alternative http://bit.ly/Kn6ilq

Boycott workfare: Farewell Emma, Farewell A4eThursday 17 May 12:00pm Brixton High Street, SW9

Emma Harrison recently left her positions as chairperson of A4e – a ‘welfare to work company’ that looks to make money out of unemployed people through bullying and strange cultish practices amongst other things – after allegations of systematic fraud at the company. We feel a party is in order to see Emma and A4e on their way. Boycott Workfare will be holding a farewell party outside Brixton A4e with balloons, music, cake, fizzy pop, and party hats http://on.fb.me/JVWHho

UK Uncut to hold protest ‘Great British Street Parties’ before Jubilee and Olympics Saturday 26 May 2012, 10:45am UK Uncut, the anti-cuts direct action group, has announced a new plan of action to start shortly before the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic period. http://bit.ly/IDepv9

National Conference: How Do We Break Workfare? Saturday 26 May 10:59am The Railway Club, 4 Belmont, Brighton BN1 3TF http://bit.ly/elfPkG

Grassroots 2012 Saturday 26 May 11:00am Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS We’re a community of trade unionists and progressive organisations committed to tackling the big challenges we face right now. To do that we’ve set up Grassroots, a conference and space that lets us share and hear the most exciting and practical ideas on campaigning, organising and mobilization http://bit.ly/JzRldW


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