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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Bulletin No.25

Monday 14 November 2011

An Irish parent describes how the dehumanising austerity programe is impacting on their child. http://bit.ly/tx0NUi

Poverty in Hull means more food banks open to feed the hungry: http://bbc.in/txK7cE

Enough said ‘While Mr Maude plainly believes that Mr Prentis is a man with whom he can do business, there is nothing but contempt for Mark Serwotka’ See: http://on.ft.com/uN64Du


Preparing for 30 November – order your postcards now!

We want to have the biggest possible presence for TUSC on the 30 November picket lines and protests. We will be printing tens of thousands of the TUSC Election postcard that proved so successful on the 26 March demo. We do need donations to help pay for the cost of the cards so lets call it £2 per hundred. Make cheques payable to TUSC and send your orders to: TUSC, 17 Colebert House, Colebert Avenue, London E1 4JP

Do you live or work in London? Then use the petition to gather trade union support for the GLA election challenge on November 30.

Here is a link to the petition: http://bit.ly/tWJhXT use it on November 30 to gather support for the GLA challenge. You can register your own support by completing the form online at: http://www.tusc.org.uk/supportGLA.php

CHANGE OF DATE Merseyside TUSC next Meeting ‘No to cuts and privatisation of our services’ The meeting scheduled for 14th November will now take place on Monday 28th November at 7pm at The CASA, Hope Street, Liverpool L1 9BQ For more details contact: [email protected]

FBU leader Matt Wrack to speak at Southwark TUSC public meeting: ‘The fight against all cuts and the socialist alternative’

Speakers: Matt Wrack, (FBU general secretary); Brian Kelly (TUSC candidate and former Labour councillor); April Ashley, Southwark Unison assistant branch secretary. Thursday 24 November, 7.30pm. Venue: St Giles Centre, 81Camberwell Church Street, SE5 8RB. Cntact: [email protected]

Build TUSC by campaigning and using your local media.

Rugby TUSC has been campaigning against local health cuts, reports Convenor Pete McLaren. On hearing that a ward would suddenly be closed at Rugby St Cross hospital - to save money - the local TUSC branch contacted the media to demonstrate their opposition – they got a lot of media coverage. For the full report read here: http://rugbytusc.blogspot.com/

From the Unions

Electricians rally over deskilling and pay cuts

Thousands of electricians march between London building sites to protest against changes to pay and conditions that one worker tells Channel 4 News are being introduced vindictively.

Hours before students took to London's streets, electricians and construction workers were arriving from across the UK, to march over a new deal on pay and conditions: http://bit.ly/tQ0exv

Workers strike and win 10 per cent pay increase

RMT confirmed today that cleaners working for the Carlisle Group on the Virgin West Coast Mainline have won a pay increase of 10% along with further improvements in benefits, allowances and working conditions: http://bit.ly/v7vEV3

NUJ balloting members at the BBC

The NUJ has written to all members at the BBC informing them of the BBC's intention to press full steam ahead with redundancies and cuts to services, and management's refusal to lift deadlines for the imposition of significant changes to terms and conditions. The NUJ – together with sister unions Bectu and Unite – will now ballot all members across the BBC. Full details here: http://bit.ly/vEO37K

International union news

Pakistan: Six workers' leaders sentenced to a total 490 years' jail! Solidarity needed!

Power loom workers in Faisalabad in mid-2010 went on a series of major strikes and demonstrations. Six of their leaders were arrested by the police. Sx have now been sentenced to a total of almost 490 years' jail Watch a video about the issue here: http://bit.ly/tN98JA

Management at 3 Accor hotels in Canada continues to retaliate against union members

… by disciplining and sacking them. Despite fierce management opposition, workers at the hotels are committed to winning recognition and bargaining rights. Accor workers in Canada need your support - click here to send a strong message to Accor! http://bit.ly/voVTSj

From atop the No. 85 crane's cab…

…35 meters above Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction's Yeongdo Shipbuilding Yard in Busan, Kim Jin Sook has been protesting the company's December 15, 2010 announced plan of a reduction in the workforce, is supported on the ground by the Korean Metal Workers' Federation: http://bit.ly/tnbDyK

Information burst

Collective punishment of families:

Local authority and police decisions to seize the homes of family members of those charged in connection with the riots or convicted of terrorist offences punish whole families for one member's wrongdoing.

Youth unemployment increases

Youth unemployment has increased in 97 per cent of the UK in the last 12 months, See: http://bit.ly/vefy2v

London Underground has drawn up a blueprint for disaster

Proposals to use driverless trains might may save money but events in Washington DC have highlighted the dangers says Bob Crow: http://bit.ly/tfDLU9 as Bob is elected unopposed for a further five years as general secretary of the RMT: http://bit.ly/tUpKMv

The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency (ALT) is an alliance of civil society groups who are concerned about the growing influence of lobbying on decision-making in the UK: http://bit.ly/ukCCdL

What is the Green party up to in Brighton? Here is one view: http://bit.ly/stt8uM

Commute times add up to five extra weeks work a year
Employees spend nearly 200 hours a year travelling to and from work:

Some events supporting public sector strikes on November 30

Here are some of the events up and down the country. For more detail, and additional events, go to http://falseeconomy.org.uk/campaigns/uk/all/t2

Birmingham March details tbc Rally with Brendan Barber 12:30pm National Indoor Arena, King Edwards Road, Birmingham B1 2AA

Brighton -. Assemble Victoria Gardens, 11:45am. Contact [email protected]

Dover - Dover Trades Council is organising a rally at The St Mary’s Hall. Contact Mike Sargent [email protected]

Gateshead 10.30am Gateshead Civic Centre, assemble at Rally at Spillers Wharf, Newcastle from 12.00noon http://bit.ly/uDjOcR

Hastings - Hastings & District Trades Council is organising a march. Aassemble 11.30 by Hastings Pier, then march to the town centre for a rally.

Contact Sam Buckley [email protected]

Hertfordshire - Hertfordshire County Association of Trades Councils is organising a march from Hartam Common to County Hall in Hertford. Contact Brian

Ruggles [email protected]

London - SERTUC and London unions march and rally. Assemble in Lincoln's Inn Fields, 12 noon, march to rally between 2.15 and 3.15pm on Victoria Embankment. http://bit.ly/rv32H1

London - UNISON area events from 12 noon at GLA Southwark near City Hall; Tower Hamlets Town Hall; Camden; Windrush Square in Lambeth; LAS HQ; Islington on the

Green; Hackney Town Hall; Haringey Civic Centre.

Nottingham 10:30am Forest Recreation Ground, Gregory Boulevard, Nottingham NG7 6ND http://bit.ly/vAZhK2

Reading - Reading Trades Council is organising a march and rally. Assemble 11.30 at the Irish Centre on Chatham Street.. Contact Greg Wilton [email protected]

Southend - Southend Trades Council is organising a march and rally. Assemble 11am in the town centre. Contact Rachel Heemskerk [email protected]

Salisbury SP2 8BJ 7am Stalls at Salisbury District Hospital - both entrances, and Fountains Way Hospital on Wilton Road.

York Picket Support Centre 7:00am St Lawrence Church Hall, Lawrence Street, York YO10 3BN http://bit.ly/at77j0

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