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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Bulletin No.21

Monday 19 September 2011


Cartoon of the month: http://bit.ly/qRpMBe



November 30 – all out to defend pensions and the welfare state

Matt Wrack, General Secretary of the FBU writes: 'The attacks firefighters and other public sector workers face on pensions are truly unprecedented. We have had battles over pensions before, but the range of attacks we are facing today and the scale of the attack on our living standards has never been seen before.' For article see: http://bit.ly/rn9xre TUSC will have a national leaflet for the day. An order form will be in an October bulletin.





Who are the strikers going to vote for in the May 2012 elections?

Next May sees local government elections across the country as well as elections for the Greater London Assembly and London Mayor. We need to start preparing our campaigns now. Raise the issue with your local anti-cuts campaign and local trade union branches. Do they want to support an anti-cuts candidate?

In London, initial discussions have taken place between union representatives in the RMT and FBU at a regional level and it has been agreed to seek support from other trade unionists to stand anti-cuts candidates for the GLA.


TUSC networking in the South East is underway

Brighton TUSC has recently won over socialist greens to join them:http://bit.ly/mn4I9R. Dave Hill from Brighton recently spoke at Lewes TUSC to make connections there. If you are setting up a local TUSC then let us know and we will advertise it in the bulletin [email protected] – it will encourage others in your region to do the same.


Get writing to the local press – it is quick and free publicity for TUSC

‘The call for more police on the streets will mean only one thing – an increase of the systematic harassment of those working-class communities and the prospect of future explosions of anger.The fact that young black, white and Asian people all came onto the streets shows us that multi-culturalism and segregation were not to blame for the riots. Poverty and inequality are other common features in inner city areas where rioting took place.’ This is the message TUSC supporter Gavyn Graham got out through his Lincoln local paper in response to the summer riots. In the run up to the local elections get in the habit of writing letters to introduce TUSC policies and candidates. You can read the full letter here: http://bit.ly/q6dNui


National meeting of TUSC Independent Socialist Network – can you make it?

The ISN is for all socialists and trade union members who are not members of existing left groups (eg SP, SWP etc) who want to build a new socialist party to represent the working class and who want to build TUSC as part of that process. The first national meeting of the TUSC Independent Socialist Network will take place on Saturday October 29 in central London – it will start at 12 noon and finish at 5.30. The venue and agenda will be carried in the next bulletin. There will be a registration fee to pay for the venue. If you want to attend or would like more information e-mail [email protected]



From the Unions


Double inflation pay deal for IT workers after strike threat

A major pay deal which means an 11% increase for the lowest paid has been agreed for private sector IT staff following the threat of strike action.This rise, more than twice the rate of inflation, is part of a deal agreed by PCS after Fujitsu were forced to double the amount of money in the pot with an extra £500,000. More: http://bit.ly/oQ3WxR


Following 100% vote to strike, solid action follows at Newsquest North West

NUJ members at Newsquest Cheshire and Merseyside took part in a one day strike and have started a work-to-rule. The action is in response to the threat of compulsory redundancies. Watch the strike video: http://bit.ly/oH0EVh


RMT announced last Thursday that it is preparing to ballot members for industrial action…

...up to and including strike action, on Gatwick Express in response to a threat to jobs from increased automation at the gate line at Victoria and Gatwick. Bob Crow said: ‘Yet again this trade union is forced to ballot our members for action because a train operating company is threatening jobs in order to fatten up profits.’ For more: http://bit.ly/n4irHc


Government pays a fortune to keep fire control centres empty
Matt Wrack of the Fire Brigades Union said: ‘Millions are being wasted on empty buildings while frontline services are being slashed. It is a scandal that taxpayers cash is being wasted on this scale.’ For more and picture of the waste see here: http://bit.ly/qtjLK1


AssetCo fiasco proves disastrous consequences of privatisation of London’s fire engines

See latest news here: http://bit.ly/mUBBHC


NUJ will defend press freedom

The Metropolitan police is trying to use the Official Secrets Act to force Guardian reporters to disclose their phone-hacking sources. NUJ general secretary Michelle Stanistreet said:
"This is a very serious threat to journalists and the NUJ will fight off this vicious attempt to use the Official Secrets Act to force journalists to disclose their sources on hacking.’ For more: http://bit.ly/pyjVfv


Union boss slates volunteer bus driver scheme
RMT general secretary Bob Crow said: "We have no doubt the Isle of Wight has been chosen in a deeply suspect, cynical and opportunist fashion as a pilot for a Big Society drive to replace paid bus workers with unpaid volunteers. See: http://bit.ly/p2kSQ4

In Australia, union members at Corinthian Doors and Stegbar have faced a lock-out after taking legal industrial action.

Their global union federation, the BWI, has launched an online campaign:http://bit.ly/mXsfLw


Information burst


Report sparks national debate on housing crisis...

At the heart of the problem remains a chronic under-supply of new homes. In 2010/11 just 105,000 homes were built in England – the lowest level since the 1920s. See: http://bit.ly/nMOHea


...and there is a 'Rogue Landlord Watch'

An interactive map highlighting some of England’s worst landlords. Local councils know more than 1,475 landlords who repeatedly give them cause for concern. Complaints against landlords have risen by 22% in the last two years. Shelter believes that local authorities must get tough with repeat offenders whose illegal behaviour is making their tenants’ lives a misery. And they are asking for your support. Go here: http://bit.ly/hsXfJR


The end of the NHS as we know it

The health bill is the final stage of a project that began 25 years ago to turn this vital public service over to the private sector writes Colin Leys: http://bit.ly/oZ6s8F


Middle Britain family faces £4,600 living standards gap by 2013
Wages failing to keep up with inflation, tax and benefit changes and cuts in public services will reduce the living standards of a typical middle
Britain family by more than £4,600 by 2013, according to a new TUC analysis: http://bit.ly/pwXGNS


A devastating attack on access to justice

International charities says government bill ‘will have a devastating effect on access to justice for the overseas victims of human rights abuses by UK multinational companies’. For more see: http://bit.ly/mXwmCT



Taking action


30 September: National Day of Action Against Atos Origin

Atos Origin has a £300 million contract with the Con-dem Government to continue carrying out ‘work capability assessments’. It is claimed assessments are to test what people can do rather than what they can’t. The real purpose is to strip benefits from as many people as possible. Nearly 30 websites are now publishing material in defiance of Atos legal threats. Want to get involved? See here: http://bit.ly/qPTXSi


New Jarrow March – 1 October

Youth Fight for Jobs is marching from Jarrow to London, starting on 1 October 2011. This is on the 75th anniversary of the Jarrow Crusade, when 200 unemployed workers took a similar route to raise awareness of mass unemployment. See: www.jarrow2london2011.wordpress.com


March for the Alternative at Tory party conference - Sunday 2 October 2011, 12:00pm

This year the Conservative Party are having their annual Conference in Manchester and the TUC is organising a march and rally to show opposition to the coalition Government’s disastrous policies of pay freezes, cuts and attacks on public services that are producing rising unemployment, cuts in living standards and stagnation:http://bit.ly/oCdvAd


The hardest hit national day of action- Saturday 22 October 2011

In May, over 8,000 disabled people from across the country travelled to London to oppose the cuts to disability benefits and to stop the changes to Disability Living Allowance and Employment Support Allowance. On Saturday 22 October there will be a day of action in every region of the country to try and stop these changes before MPs vote on them for the final time before they can be stopped. To see what is happening in your area see:http://thehardesthit.wordpress.com/


Save our Railways: Rally and Lobby of Parliament - 12.30 - 25 October 2011

Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, London. For more details see: http://bit.ly/qqE8RI


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