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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Bulletin No.20

Monday 5 September 2011

The TUSC fortnightly bulletin emerges from its August holiday break. We hope all our readers had a good rest and are ready for Autumn and everything it brings.

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TUSC news – London elections

In accordance with the resolution that was passed by the London Transport Regional Council of the RMT rail union in July (see TUSC Bulletin No. 19), it has invited other leading trade unionists in London to a meeting to discuss standing TUSC candidates in the 2012 GLA and Mayoral elections. We will keep you informed about progress.

Start thinking about standing in May 2012 - planning ahead makes a big difference

Although the London and other local elections in May next year seem a long way off at the moment decisions about standing need to be taken as soon as possible and campaign plans put in place well in advance. Please let us know what you are doing/planning locally and bring your ideas to the campaign conference planned for later this year (As soon as the Steering Committee agrees a date we will let you know)

From the unions

Derby goes to Westminster

With Prime Minister David Cameron continuing to refuse to meet with representatives of the Derby Bombardier workforce over the Thameslink contract stitch-up, unions will be taking a train load to Parliament on Wednesday - 7th September - for the Transport Committee hearing on procurement. See: http://bit.ly/qN4vcq for letter from Bob Crow outlining the campaign of action.


RMT cleaners have forced contractor John Laing Integrated Services to recognise the union on London Overground.

The union has been waging a long-term campaign to win better terms for transport cleaners who have seen their pay and working conditions squeezed massively by hard-nosed sub-contractors since rail privatisation 15 years ago:http://bit.ly/qVhVho. Download the latest issue of RMT news as a pdf file http://fb.me/EBiSKTNK

Journalists must safeguard material gathered during riots, insists NUJ

The union condemns politicians calls for news-gathered images and video to be used as police evidence and calls on journalists to ensure that the police use the proper procedures if they wish to see material, which hasn't been broadcast, of the events surrounding the riots and social unrest across the country over the last week. See:http://bit.ly/oBWxJj

PCS announces that Government IT workers vote to strike over pay

Public services including the payment of tax credits and the production of new driving licences could be hit by strike action after hundreds of IT staff voted for industrial action over pay. IT workers employed by Fujitsu on contracts with HM Revenue and Customs, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, Home Office, Ministry of Defence and Office for National Statistics, voted to strike after the company refused to improve an "insultingly low" pay offer. See: http://bit.ly/og5bjK

FBU pensions campaign latest

The government wants firefighters and other public sector workers to pay more, work longer and still get less for our pensions. The FBU says this is daylight robbery.Read the FBU pension bulletin here:http://bit.ly/qJezgv

Britain's poshest school Eton paying “poverty” wages to staff
Public and Commercial Services union boss Mark Serwotka pointed out: 'The fees per term cost more than some of these jobs pay in a year.' See: http://bit.ly/mSQW7j


RMT Stratford No. 1 branch resolution on London riots: http://rmtlondoncalling.org.uk/node/2353

Do you know of any other resolutions passed by trade union branches/committees about last month’s riots? Let us know. Send a copy to the bulletin.

Information burst

REVEALED: The fake Facebook account used by military contractors seeking to infiltrate progressive orgs: http://thkpr.gs/p7BdWo

Rip-off railways – privatisation increases prices by 10 per cent

The RMT has produced new research that shows that the policy of privatisation has bled £6.6 billion out of the industry since 1997 - with a forecast that a further £6.7 billion will be ripped off in the next ten years as the train operating companies are give a green light to print money by the McNulty Rail Review.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said: ‘This independent report proves that privatisation is robbing our railways of £670m a year. The RMT calculates that this would equate to an annual 10 per cent cut in rail fares or free bus and rail travel for all children under the age 16.’ Read the full report here: http://bit.ly/nIQ99U

The top 20 percent of Americans now holds 84 percent of U.S. wealth: http://ow.ly/652sD

Snouts even deeper in trough - pension pots for bosses soar to record levels: http://ind.pn/pzPRnG

What a surprise! CIA and MI6 helped Gaddafi on dissidents: Human Rights Watch: http://bit.ly/qrPb4q

Some dates for your diary

September 2011

Dale Farm

Saturday 10 Sept. 1.00pm Dale Farm Solidarity Demo: at Wickford railway station, Essex. A march and rally against the planned eviction of travellers from the Dale Farm site by Basildon council.


Sunday 11 September

NSSN lobby of the TUC, demanding they call a 24-hour public sector general strike, speakers at lobby include Mark Serwotka, PCS general secretary: http://on.fb.me/lDpBcs

Monday September 12, 2011RMT Anti-Slavery Day Commemorative Event, fb.me/17IJiOmOK

Sunday 18 September

March against the Lib Dems, Birmingham. Protest at the Liberal Democrat conference, organised by the Midlands TUC. See : http://bit.ly/lEbGwC

October 2011

Saturday 1 October

Youth Fight for Jobs, a campaigning organisation, is marching from Jarrow to London, starting on 1 October 2011. This is on the 75th anniversary of the Jarrow Crusade, when 200 unemployed workers took a similar route to raise awareness of mass unemployment. See jarrow2london2011.wordpress.com for more info.

Sunday 2 October

March against the Tories, Manchester. Protest at the Tory Party conference, organised by the North West TUC.


Sunday 2 October.

75th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street March & Rally.

Assemble: 11.30am Aldgate East (junction of Braham Street and Leman Street) Rally: 1.00pm St Georges in the East Park (Cable Street) For more details about this and other events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the battle of Cable Street visit: http://www.cablestreet75.org.uk/events.html

Saturday 8 October

Anti-War Mass Assembly 10 Years On Occupy Trafalgar Square London Protest Bring the troops home Stop the bombing: http://www.stopwar.org.uk/index.php/action-a-events/national-events/585-anti-war-mass-assembly-2011

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