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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Bulletin No.16

Monday 20 June 2011

Class struggle in Greece: ‘the slogan that is relevant and mature today is rupture, overthrow and disengagement from the European Union’ see here: http://bit.ly/iJKmxA

Agenda for the Conference of TUSC candidates

and campaign organisers

Saturday 16th July, 11am - 4pm, ULU, Malet Street, WC1E 7HY

11am to 1-30pm:

TUSC forum

One year of the Con-Dems: what are the prospects now for working class political representation?

An opportunity to discuss how working class political representation could develop in the age of austerity, including an assessment of the local elections, the position in the trade unions, what is happening in the Labour Party, and where does TUSC fit in.

2pm to 4pm:

Developing TUSC into 2012

TUSC has now been in existence for 18 months. As well as reviewing what has been achieved, this session will discuss how TUSC could develop over the next year. Registration fee £5 waged/£3 unwaged.

From the unions

FBU supports unions taking industrial action on 30 June

Matt Wrack, FBU General Secretary, said: ‘Firefighters will be giving full support to members of the NUT, UCU, ATL and PCS in their strike action. The attacks we face are common across the public sector and we need to stand together to defend ourselves. I call on students and pensioners and others in local communities to come out and support the strikes on 30th June. This will be the start of a serious fight back against this vicious government.” More here http://www.fbu.org.uk/?p=3559

We’ve got Bob at Durham Gala but Miliband the Younger has done a runner…

Ed Miliband is under fire after pulling out of a landmark appearance at Durham Miners' Gala - because Bob Crow will share the stage. See: http://bit.ly/lYjqpK Maybe it was because Miliband is too busy writing speeches attacking some on incapacity benefits. See here: http://bit.ly/mBYfCT

Mark Serwotka attacks pension daylight robbery

Mark Serwotka, general secretary of the PCS union, told James Naughtie that the proposed pension changes are ‘daylight robbery’. You can hear it here: http://bbc.in/klgR0P

RMT announces a further wave of strike action in pay dispute on Heathrow Express.

Members will be on a 24-hour strike from 09:15 on 26 June 2011 through to 09:14 on 27 June 2011. The action follows a rock solid 48-hour strike at the end of last month that caused massive disruption to services and the total closure of the Heathrow Connect service: http://bit.ly/jA7msc

Newsquest journalists strike for jobs and quality in South London

Journalists at Newsquest in South London have held a two-day strike in their dispute over redundancies and in support of quality local journalism. NUJ members had already been working to rule, and the strike followed a massive vote for action. The strikers keep journalists and readers informed of developments through a special strike blog.

Engineers walk out on bully bosses after 92 per cent vote for strike action

More than 550 engineers at Royal Mail subsidiary Romec have taken to the picket lines following claims of management bullying and 'Big Brother' abuses of the company's vehicle tracking systems. The Communication Workers Union (CWU), which represents more than half the firm's technicians, led strike action at mail centres across the country to protest against ill-treatment of its members. See: Risks 508

Global: Deadly attacks on unions continue

A 'grim record of murder and repression' in Colombia and the Americas means they maintain the lead in a global listing of abuses of trade union rights. The latest 'Annual Survey of violation of trade union rights' includes data from 143 countries and 'paints a picture of people fighting for greater economic rights and freedom to organise, with many governments and businesses responding with repression, sackings, violence, death threats and murder.' Annual Survey of violation of trade union rights.

The facts regarding Arwyn Thomas

With strike action in the tube victimisation dispute beginning this weekend, tube union RMT today set out a summary of the key facts regarding the specific case of Northern Line driver Arwyn Thomas here: http://bit.ly/iypC87

Egyptian government says it will crack down as workers continue to protest

In the meantime a sit-in of Cairo’s Metro underground rail system continues as workers protest the possible privatization of the city’s subway system, and about 1,000 workers on Saturday began a sit-in at Egypt’s Aluminum’s main headquarters in Naga Hammad. Reda more here: http://bit.ly/izT2hy


All out on 30 June! Why we are going on strike and what you can do to help

Chris Baugh (PCS Assistant General Secretary); Martin Powell-Davies (NUT National Executive member) on Monday 20 June 2011, 6:30pm at Goldsmiths Students' Union, Dixon Road, New Cross, London SE14 6NW.

Unite the Resistance meeting, speakers including Tony Benn, Mark Serwotka

On Wednesday 22 June 2011, 6:30pm at Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London (opposite Euston Station) NW1.

North East Anti Cuts Gathering

Saturday 25 June 2011, 10:30am at the Star and Shadow Cinema, Stepney Bank, Newcastle. For a gathering of workshops, skill share and debates to help support anyone wanting to fight back against cuts to there services, education, jobs and community: www.anticutsnetwork.blogspot.com

Lewes March for the NHS

On Saturday 25 June 2011. Marching through Lewes past Victoria Hospital assembling at Nevill Green, Nevill Road at 10:30. Rally in the precinct with speakers at the end. All welcome. See: lewesstopthecuts.wordpress.com

Cambridgeshire Against the Cuts Meeting

Sunday 26 June 2011, 11:00am at Ross Street Community Centre, Ross Street, off Mill Road, Cambridge. We are now in June, and there is much to. there is the Mass Action on the 30 June, the Planning Meeting for the Mass Action, multiple ingoing actions re. libraries, academy status, bus cuts, disability benefits, our Glorious NHS… the list is HUGE! So, pitch in if you possibly can and let us get kicking where it hurts…

Manchester: DANGER! Workers at risk from government attacks on health & safety

On Tuesday 12th July, 6.30pm at Friends Meeting House, Mount Street, Manchester, M2 5NS
Chaired by Ronnie Draper, Gen Sec elect of BFAWU Speakers include: Linzi Herbertson and Dawn Adams, Families Against Corporate Killers and Steve Tombs, Liverpool John Moores University ‘HSE and prospects for enforcement’ For more see:

Information burst

Statewatching Europe Conference

Next weekend, Statewatch, the renowned organisation that examines civil liberties and the state across Europe will be holding its twentieth anniversary conference. The conference will take place on Saturday 25 June 2011 and you can register here.

Inflation suffered by the poor

A new report titled ‘Poor experience higher inflation than rich’ is here: http://bit.ly/lgBFDX

Greece: Tax collectors hit the pavements, seeking work

The graffiti on the Greek Finance Ministry says "Police Murderers, German Informers". Above it are the shatter marks of numerous projectiles. Just around the corner is a group of smart young women, sitting at a trestle table in the middle of the street, next to their tents. Read full article Also, Ten points on the Euro crisis from Paul Mason here: http://bbc.in/mqq9Fe

Companies are making billions of pounds in profits from a secretive trade in PFI contracts.

BBC programme investigates of the result of the last Labour government’s most organised effort to give lots of our money to big business: http://bbc.in/m5AqRP

Britain's Livelihood Crisis
Low and middle-income earners have suffered a 30-year income squeeze, says the TUC's new Touchstone pamphlet:

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