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Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition Bulletin No.15

Monday 6 June 2011

Greek protestors occupy finance ministry as general strike is called for June16 http://huff.to/lTS2fl and hold mass demonstrations http://bit.ly/iU36Tq

TUSC Conference

After May - anti-cuts campaigning and the elections.

What next for TUSC?

University of London Union

11am to 4pm

Saturday 16 July 2011

On 30 June hundreds of thousands of workers will be striking to defend pensions and against the Coalition’s austerity programme. The TUSC Steering Committee will be meeting on 13 June and will discuss both the day of strike action and the TUSC Conference that is taking place on Saturday 16 July. The Committee will agree the agenda for the day. The emphasis will be on discussing the strategic and campaigning lessons of our recent campaign and planning early for the 2012 elections. It is likely that there will also be a separate meeting, on another date, to discuss the Greater London Assembly and London Mayoral elections which also take place in 2012.

We want to bring together everyone who stood as a candidate, their agents and key campaign supporters in the recent elections to review the recent campaign and plan ahead for the coming year. In addition, the conference will be extended to include all of those who may be thinking of standing in the 3 May 2012 local elections in 128 English Local Authorities and all Welsh Councils. You can see the full list here: http://bit.ly/jPuYoV Book your train tickets now!


Rugby TUSC debates what they see as the way forward for TUSC.

‘This meeting expresses its satisfaction with the relative progress made by TUSC candidates in the recent Council Elections standing on an explicitly ‘Anti Cuts’ programme. Furthermore… http://bit.ly/lzMPYr .

Elections in Southwark are like buses. You don't see one for ages and then three turn up in a row. There is to be another by-election in Peckham ward on 7 July, the third this year, due to the death of the Mayor. Once again TUSC hopes to stand Brian Kelly, a former Labour councillor and staunch opponent of the cuts. Our aim is to reach another group of Southwark people with our message about the need for an alternative to cuts and privatisation and build the local group of TUSC supporters. But, once again, we need help leafleting. And donations, this is getting very expensive. If you can help call Nick Wrack on 07812 063 409.

Having stood in two elections Brighton and Hove TUSC supporters have now set up a branch

Dave Hill writes that ‘Brighton TUSC supporters have voted to set up a TUSC branch. Members of constituent organizations, such as the SP and the SWP and the RMT are involved as are supporters of the TUSC Independent Socialist Network. The branch is open to anyone who wants to build TUSC as a local and national political force. You can contact Brighton and Hove TUSC here [email protected] or by calling Jon on 07894 716095

Nottingham and Lincoln TUSC thank their voters by writing to them…

… via the letters page of their local papers. Charlie Taylor wrote to the Nottingham Evening Post to ‘thank the 212 people in Bulwell Forest ward who voted for the "Trade Unionists and Socialists Coalition against Cuts" in the local elections. Those votes were for a fighting campaign against cuts in jobs and services’ and Nick Parker wrote ‘to give my thanks to the dozens of voters in Lincoln's Carholme Ward who supported me as their candidate for city councillor on May 5. I was very proud to be able to offer clear opposition to all cuts, alongside seven other candidates across the city, under the banner of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).’ Good stuff… the local papers are really good way of getting out message out. Write early and write often – every letter will remind the voters that TUSC is party that campaigns all the time- not just at elections.

From the unions

Bob Crow, the general secretary of the RMT, commented on Vince Cable's threat to tighten strike legislation at the GMB congress today:

“Vince Cable's comments are calculated to be both provocative and insulting to the millions of people facing the biggest assault on their livelihoods in living memory. Cable and the government are lining themselves up alongside boardroom excess and attacks on workers rights and against those being told to pay the price for this bankers' crisis. Of course we will fight him and his big business backers every step of the way.”

Massive strike vote by journalists at Newsquest South London

Journalists at Newsquest in South London have voted overwhelmingly to take strike action in their campaign to defend jobs and local quality journalism. The NUJ members had previously adopted a unanimous vote of no confidence in their top management after a company decision to make an unspecified number of editorial staff redundant while the group's titles continue to make substantial profits. For more see: http://bit.ly/lcBByW

FBU annual conference prepares for the fights to come

On the FBU website General Secretary Matt Wrack writes ‘Our union’s annual conference met in Southport in May. It was one of the most serious and sober conferences I can recall as delegates debated the range of challenges we face. A number of retired FBU officials who were present commented to me about the scale of the attacks we are facing being unlike anything seen in recent history. In living memory we have never been under such a sustained onslaught on so many fronts. Read the full report here: http://www.fbu.org.uk/?p=3477

London Underground has thrown at least £250,000 down the tube…

trying to defend its indefensible victimisation of train operator Arwyn Thomas, RMT has estimated. Six-figure legal fees, management time spent preparing for and attending six days of tribunals, including senior managers on £600-plus a day, on top of Arwyn’s salary – paid on the orders of an interim hearing in January – add up at least to the cost of employing 20 modern apprentices for a year, the union says. http://bit.ly/mryYyj

More than 50,000 revenue workers strike over sick scheme

More than 50,000 tax office workers will be taking strike action next week in protest at a punitive new sickness absence policy. On Tuesday 7 June there will be a walkout from Revenue and Customs between 4pm and 5pm. On Wednesday 8 June PCS members will go to work together at 10am and take a mass extended lunch break between 11.30am and 1.30pm. From 4pm on 7 June union members in the department will also be refusing to work overtime, use private cars for work, or ‘cut corners’.Full details of the dispute and the action

Southampton strike extended
Unison and Unite announced an extension of their strike action after the council suggested meeting dates at the end of June and beginning of July. Refuse collectors went on strike last week, supervisors and toll workers on
Itchen Bridge refused to work on Tuesday, and a week-long strike of parking attendants began on Monday. That has now been extended to a fortnight.

10,000 Birmingham City Council workers balloted over strike action
The threat of widespread strikes by council workers over pay and job cuts grew yesterday as 10,000 at Birmingham City Council were balloted on industrial action. The ballot was held by Unison over plans to cut £300 million from the city budget and axe a third of the workforce - more than 7,000 jobs - within three years

ITUC calls on FIFA and Qatar 2022 to end exploitation of migrant workers
A new report uncovering the treatment of migrant workers in
Qatar and the United Arab Emirates has been published by the International Trade Union Confederation.

Information burst

Take action on 7 June: Welfare ‘reforms’ don't fool us!

On 7th June, a conference at the Royal Society will bring together those who will play a role in ‘the biggest shake up of the [welfare] system for 60 years’. In the same week, the Welfare Reform Bill looks set to return to parliament for its third reading. We're not fooled by the proposals for ‘reform’: we know they mean abolishing our rights to welfare. Come along and help us do the same on the day... Be there from 9am, Tue 7th June, at the Royal Society, 6-9 Carlton House Terrace, London, SW1Y 5AG. Directions here.

We, the undersigned, call upon Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg to terminate Atos Healthcare's contract with immediate effect, to pay the enhanced rate to all claimants whose claim is over 13 weeks old and to pay basic rate ESA to all other claimants. Petition here: http://bit.ly/l7HpzC

NHS Reforms - what they mean for you

Dr Ron Singer, retired GP from Edmonton, North London explains in simple language what the government's health reforms mean for patients and NHS staff. http://bit.ly/kJyPMi

Detaining asylum seekers
Detention Action has published a report on the government's policy of detaining asylum seekers in immigration removal centres while their asylum applications are processed
here. The Children's Society has published a report: 'What have I done? The experiences of children and families in UK immigration detention: Lessons to learn'. Click here to read the report.

Corruption risk
The campaign group Transparency International, has published a report on the `corruption risk' for ex-ministers because `the revolving door between government and business is spinning out of control'. Click
here to read the report.

The buggers are still trying to get rid of May Day

If they want a holiday to celebrate the monarchy we should have a holiday to celebrate the working class… go here Pre-consultation on Moving the May Day Bank Holiday to let them know what you think. Deadline: 09 June 2011

‘I can’t work out which of the three Top Gear presenters I hate most’ Watch comedian Stewart Lee on Top Gear here: http://bit.ly/iQYMZs ... remember, it’s just a joke…

Take a look at ….The plot against the NHS by Colin Leys & Stewart Player. 'indispensable ...' says Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet: http://bit.ly/jziFxr

And finally…

'I couldn't care less. I will continue to do what I do'.
Stefano Pessina, chairman of Boots, when challenged on criticisms that last year Boots had only paid £25m in tax on profits of £637m.

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