The TUSC candidates on July 4th

Nominations have closed and it is now confirmed that there will be 40 candidates standing on behalf of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) on July 4th. 

TUSC is a coalition of trade unionists, anti-war protestors, community activists, environmental campaigners – and socialists from different organisations or none – who unite to contest elections around pro-working class, anti-austerity policies.  Our general election platform (at is not a full programme for government but rather summarises the minimum policies which voters should know that all TUSC candidates support.

Our goal in standing is to contribute to the process of rebuilding mass political representation for the working class that could seriously challenge for government in the future – not presenting ourselves as the finished product.  But by not leaving the establishment politicians unchallenged, we hope to help develop the self-confidence of the working class that it is an alternative power to the capitalist rulers of society – and that it has the capacity to create and build its own democratic mass workers’ party to realise that power politically.