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Thursday 10 February 2022

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Labour's largest union affiliate suspends financial support in the Midlands

Speaking on a live Facebook broadcast on Wednesday 9th February, Sharon Graham, general secretary of Unite the Union, suspended the union's funding to the Labour Party whilst the Coventry bin strike against a Labour council continues.

She said: "So let me be very very clear. Until this strike is settled the remaining financial relationship with the Labour Party is now under review. There will be no Labour politician in the Midlands who will get one single penny from my members or any practical support of any kind while this strike is going ahead".

This decision could affect the chances of Labour's candidate in the Erdington by-election, Paulette Hamilton, as the union withdraws all "practical support of any kind".

HGV drivers working for Coventry City council are currently on the 17th day of all-out strike action, seeking a pay increase to cope with the cost of living rises. The Labour-led city council has employed external drivers to collect waste during the strike, reportedly at up to twice the hourly rate of the drivers on strike.

Coventry Live, a local news website, has revealed that the council has spent £1.8m on alternative arrangements during the strike: https://bit.ly/3sum891

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate in the Erdington by-election, Dave Nellist, himself a former Labour MP in Coventry and a Socialist Party councillor in the city from 1998 to 2012, said:

"In a city of famous union leaders such as Tom Mann and Jack Jones, where a Labour council was first elected in November 1937, this is shameful. For a party that calls itself Labour to pay twice the hourly rate to outside drivers to break a strike than the council pays its own drivers is scandalous".

"Sharon Graham is right to be angry, and the Coventry HGV drivers are right to fight for a decent pay rise. In the months ahead, working-class families in Erdington face a £1,000-£2,000 cut in their living standards as food, fuel, energy, and taxes rise. With 111 live disputes calling for decent wages to combat the cost of living rise, Unite is showing how to fight back".

"I hope Unite members will consider standing as independent, anti-austerity candidates in the May elections - Blue Tories, Red Tories, and Yellow Tories need challenging. Labour so clearly doesn't deserve union support when it attacks workers like this".

The campaign launch for Dave Nellist's Erdington by-election challenge will be at noon on Saturday 12th February, at Highcroft Community Centre, 485 Slade Road, B23 7JH. Updates on the Birmingham Erdington campaign, including information on how you can help, can be found at www.nellistforerdington.com Twitter:@dave4erdington