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Saturday 7 May 2016

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Eighteen hundred votes for TUSC candidate in Bristol's mayoral election

The results of the Bristol mayoral election have been announced and TUSC candidate Tom Baldwin has scored a respectable 1,876 first preference votes, coming in behind the 'big five' parties and the sitting Bristol First mayor, George Ferguson.

This follows yesterday's Liverpool mayoral election results where the TUSC candidate, the Unison national executive member Roger Bannister, polled 4,950 votes (a 5.07% share), over 1,400 votes ahead of the Tories.

TUSC stood for the inaugural Bristol mayoral election in 2012, coming in then with 1,412 votes (in tenth position out of 15 candidates) behind a number of 'independents'. This time Tom comfortably outpolled all the independent candidates.


These included education campaigner Christine Townsend, who secured a full-page feature in the national Guardian newspaper (19th April) promoting her campaign. Regarding TUSC, however, the Guardian kept to its editorial policy of not mentioning us under any circumstances, in Bristol or elsewhere.

Another obstacle to TUSC's campaign was the censorship exercised by the council on the mayoral election booklet delivered to every elector in the city (see http://www.tusc.org.uk/17225/27-04-2016/no-politics-please-its-election-time-tusc-protests-at-mayoral-booklets-censorship).

Labour's candidate unseated the Bristol First mayor and the Greens too increased their vote by presenting themselves as an 'anti-austerity alternative', moving from 5,248 votes in 2012 (5.9%) to 10,000 this time (7.1%).

But Tom was not allowed to point out in his election address the fact that both Labour and Green councillors had participated in a cross-party cabinet which has implemented drastic cuts in the city. Despite these problems it was still a decent result for TUSC.

The last council results will be announced tomorrow and a full report of TUSC's election performance will be posted on Monday at the latest.

The Bristol mayoral election first preference results:

Labour 56,729; Bristol First 32,375; Conservative 19,617; Green 10,000; Liberal Democrat 20,598; UKIP 7,115; TUSC 1,876 (1.3%); Independent 1,384; Christine Townsend Independent 1,010; Independent 877; Independent 545; Independent 367; Independent 341