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Wednesday 18 March 2015

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TUSC signs up to the Blacklist Support Group campaign

The Blacklist Support Group has been contacting parliamentary candidates to seek support for their campaign.

At its most recent meeting the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) national steering committee gave its full backing to the central demand of the campaign for a 'fully independent public inquiry into police collusion in the scandal of blacklisting'.

TUSC also supports the other demands raised by the campaign:

  • Make blacklisting a criminal offence with prison sentences for the guilty parties
  • No public contracts for any firms previously involved in blacklisting unless they apologise and pay compensation (as called for by Scottish Affairs Select Committee investigation)
  • Retrospective statutory compensation scheme forced on the blacklisting firms, with compensation set at a punitive level to fully reflect the human rights violations
  • Direct employment and anti-blacklisting procedures written into all public contracts to ensure blacklisted workers are able to get jobs.

The determined campaigning of the Blacklist Support Group has revealed a major conspiracy involving multinational construction companies and the police. It resulted in workers suffering years of victimisation, sackings and unemployment for the 'crime' of being active trade union members.

As a result of the Blacklist Support Group's work this issue has now finally received some publicity, and Labour has promised an inquiry. TUSC will campaign, alongside the Blacklist Support Group and others, to demand that any inquiry is genuinely independent and public - not a cover up. We want an inquiry involving democratically elected representatives of the blacklisted workers and the trade unions that have suffered infiltration.

The blacklisting scandal is one particularly brutal aspect of the pro-big business anti-worker society in which we live. TUSC also campaigns for the repeal of Britain's repressive anti-trade union laws, which were left in place by Labour when in government, and which hinder workers' ability to defend their pay and conditions. We stand in solidarity with all workers taking action to defend jobs, conditions, pensions, public services and trade unions.

We would also appeal to all supporters of the Blacklist Support Group and others campaigning on these issues: why not use the elections as a means to further your campaign? TUSC is a democratic coalition which was established in order to enable people like you - trade unionists, campaigners and socialists - to stand against the pro-austerity establishment parties. This May we are aiming to have over 100 parliamentary and 1,000 council candidates standing under our umbrella. If you would like to take part and stand as a candidate yourself check out the candidates page on the TUSC website (at http://www.tusc.org.uk/candidates.php )