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Saturday 7 December 2013

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Autumn statement: The plan isn't working for us!

TUSC Chair and ex-Labour MP Dave Nellist said "Osborne thinks that austerity is working, but the queues at foodbanks and pay day lenders tell a different story.

"This government of millionaires might think things are improving, but most ordinary working class people are facing a Dickensian future rather than a bright recovery.

"This government of the rich, for the rich, want us to work even longer. It is to be made even harder for unemployed young people to claim meagre benefits. Further massive cuts threaten essential public services and jobs.

"And where is the working class voice in all this? Ed Balls correctly points out that for most people there is no recovery, but Labour promises continued austerity.

"All those Labour councils who have meekly passed on the cuts since 2010 are now expected to pass on even more.

"It's time to make a stand. In the 2014 council elections the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is planning on standing a record number of working class candidates against cuts.

"There are a growing number of anti-cuts councillors, prepared to stand up for ordinary people, including TUSC supporters and Southampton Councillors Keith Morrell and Don Thomas. In 2014 socialists, trade unionists and many ordinary working class people want to shake up the establishment parties in Britain."