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Model letter to Labour councillors

Posted: 12 September 2015

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) national steering committee has produced a model letter which local TUSC groups can use to approach Labour council candidates, in the light of Jeremy Corbyn's victory.

Dear Councillor,

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New TUSC one-sided leaflet - fight back against the cuts

one sided cuts leaflet june 2015

one sided cuts leaflet june 2015

Posted: 4 June 2015

A new one-sided A4 TUSC leaflet is now available to order.

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New TUSC broadsheet

2015 May Broadsheet

Posted: 15 May 2015

A NEW post-election A3 folded TUSC broadsheet is now available to order.

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Election planning: resources available for TUSC campaigners

Introducing TUSC

Posted: 4 November 2014

Nominations for the 2015 elections will open in less than 150 days! If local TUSC groups haven't started their election planning, they need to now.

The TUSC national steering committee has produced a range of resources to help local TUSC groups, prospective candidates, and election agents, for the jobs that need to be done - for both the local elections and the general election taking place on May 7th next year.

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Election planning: new TUSC broadsheet appealing for candidates, and a 'battleground directory'

TUSC 2015 candidate appeal broadsheet

Posted: 19 September 2014

A NEW A3 folded TUSC broadsheet is now available appealing for candidates to stand in next May's elections.

The broadsheet includes an outline of our approach to the general election, TUSC's ten-point core policy platforms for local elections, and a brief explanation of what TUSC is and who is involved. It's ideal for distribution at trade union meetings, anti-cuts events and as a general introduction to TUSC on picket lines and protests.

You can view the broadsheet at http://www.tusc.org.uk/txt/313.pdf

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General election planning: model letter to Labour candidates available

Posted: 11 August 2014

Planning is now under way for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) challenge at next year's general election.

Local TUSC groups have been discussing, amongst other ideas, how to follow up the suggestion made by the national steering committee to organise union delegations or lobbies of Labour prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) in each parliamentary constituency. This is to establish their position on a number of key issues before a final decision is made on whether to challenge them next May.

A model letter to Labour prospective candidates is available for local groups to adapt to their own constituencies (see below - for a downloadable Word version, see www.tusc.org.uk/txt/308.doc).

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TUSC post-election leaflet now available

TUSC post-election leaflet

TUSC post-election leaflet

Posted: 23 May 2014

An initial post-election leaflet is now available for TUSC campaigners to use.

The leaflet can be downloaded from www.tusc.org.uk/txt/299.pdf

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'Who else you gonna vote for?' Bob Crow postcards available, and TUSC stickers

TUSC postcard

TUSC postcard

Posted: 28 March 2014

Two new items of TUSC election campaign material are now available to order.


We've re-printed the old TUSC A6 'Where will your vote go?' postcard to include UKIP as a non-alternative on the ballot paper and, on the reverse, Bob Crow's memorable endorsement of TUSC, "Who else you gonna vote for?".

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New TUSC election leaflets available to order

Introduction to TUSC leaflet

Introduction to TUSC leaflet

Posted: 20 March 2014

Three new leaflets are now available to order for use in the TUSC local election campaign.

They are an A4 general introduction to TUSC leaflet, an A5 leaflet concentrating on housing, and an A5 flyer combining an introduction to TUSC with an appeal for donations. Check out the PDFs of the leaflets by clicking the images below.

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Election law guide for TUSC candidates and agents now available

Posted: 6 March 2014

A brief guide to election law has been produced for Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates and election agents. It is available as a downloadable PDF from the TUSC website here.

This is a summary of election law for May's local council contests, based on the official guidance produced by the Electoral Commission along with some tips and pointers drawn from the previous experience of TUSC election campaigners.

It also includes information on the procedures agreed by the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition on how to become a TUSC candidate.

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