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Help the TUSC by-election campaigns in Merseyside


TUSC candidates Chris McDermott and Lynne Wild contest by-elections in Allerton and Hunts Cross ward

Following the impressive performance of Tony Mulhearn, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate for Liverpool mayor in May’s local elections – polling 4,792 votes, ahead of the main ‘party of government’ in the Con-Dem coalition – TUSC is now contesting two Liverpool council by-elections on July 5th. Chris McDermott is standing in the Riverside ward and Lynne Wild is contesting the by-election in Allerton and Hunts Cross ward.

At all the council budget meetings that have been held across Merseyside this year millions of pounds of cuts have once again been inflicted on the people of our area by Labour, Lib-Dem, Liberal, Green and Tory party councillors.

All of these parties refuse to defend us against the cuts. They all agree that working people have to be punished for a financial crisis they did not cause by reducing their local services and slashing jobs. The fact that not one of these councillors was prepared to defy the Con-Dem government’s demand for cuts, once again underlies the need to continue to stand anti-cuts candidates!

Merseyside TUSC relies on the support of all those campaigning to oppose attacks on our jobs, services, living standards and conditions, in the workplace and in the local communities. You can help us to build the anti-cuts movement on July 5th by offering what help you can to the TUSC by-election campaigns.

There are only a few weeks to conduct the campaign so please check details below of currently arranged election activity, meeting by Tesco on Park Rd in the Dingle end of the Riverside ward. Most evenings from now on we will be conducting canvassing and/ leafleting activity.

Contact Alec on: mob 07411 362 448

Saturday 16th June: 2pm to 8pm

Sunday 17th June: 1pm to 3pm, and again from 3pm to 5pm

Monday 18th June: 6pm till 8pm