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Over 550 candidates in place - with days to go before nominations close

Posted: 17 April 2014

The candidate count for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition's challenge in May's local elections has now reached 554, with just a week to go before nominations close. Whatever the final tally is - and the official nomination process is full of pitfalls designed to intimidate working class people from participating in 'politics' - it has been a massive achievement to put such a challenge in place.

And it is a real coalition that has been assembled to make sure the establishment parties don't have it all their own way - of trade unionists, community campaigners, and members of different socialist organisations.

The number of RMT members standing as TUSC council candidates has now reached 54, from the union's assistant general secretary through to regional council officers, branch secretaries, industrial reps and workplace activists.

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TUSC candidate authorisation applications

Posted: 22 October 2013

Election candidates who wish to appear on the ballot paper on behalf of a registered party have to submit to the returning officer, along with their nomination forms, a Certificate of Authorisation to use a Party Description, signed by the registered Nominating Officer of the party (or a person authorised to sign on their behalf).

We have produced the forms below to process applications for candidates to use the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition name and emblem, or any of the variants of it registered with the electoral commission, in local council and parliamentary elections. Please try and fill in the appropriate form as fully as you can.

TUSC was established as a coalition with an agreed core founding policy statement for parliamentary elections, and has also agreed a core policy platform for local council elections. These are posted under Policies on the TUSC website, and are the basis on which any prospective candidate who wishes to can stand under the TUSC name in the appropriate election. Submitting an application form for a Certificate of Authorisation will be taken as indicating your agreement with the appropriate election platform.

Click here for the TUSC council candidate authorisation application form

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Click here for the TUSC parliamentary candidate authorisation application form

(Opens a Microsoft Word document)

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